Tuesday 19 August 2014

So on with the new and out with the old

So we have moved once again and now live in a lovely terraced house which feels more like home than a rented place.
The one and only thing I miss about the old house is it's own drive way because we must now live in the worst road in the world for parking, I've now lost count the number of times I've seen and heard people shouting at one another over the dead end, cars parked on either side of the road, so only one way up and reverse it down if there's no gap to turn it lol  it makes it a little like watching your very own Eastenders (not that I watch it for real any more).
But hey, it doesn't bother us :)  we know not to bother driving up it after 5.30pm because all the spaces will have gone.

Apart from that the road is a very nice place to live, we where welcomed to it by the Jubilee street party. Talk about meet all your neighbours at once.

So as you can see I still bake for family and friends, these where some courgette, sultana and cinnamon cupcakes for the girls headmistresses leaving party. Hubby just treated me to something very naughty and pink so I'll be baking able to bake more..... photo coming soon!

As for our little cupcakes they have grown loads and will be moving into years 4 and 5 in September. I am lucky to get to see them everyday at school because my other little job is a midday meal supervisor. It's such fun and everyday is different. And yes unlike the poor hard working teachers, I do get all the holiday's off, so no huge child care bill. I feel truly grateful for being able to do this job and it keeps me younger still ;)

And here is my beautiful Jade and her very lovely boyfriend Andy. Can you believe she's now 19 and out in the big wide world working as an events/wedding planner. She drives and is saving their first flat together awww.
I'm so proud of her and glad she has met Andy, who is a part of the family now x

I can't do this new post without a pic of Ben and I.
It's ten years together and married 4, so we're doing alright. 
And he is still......... hehe!
Enough for now, hope this little catch up was ok.

Hugs xo

Sunday 10 August 2014

Hello blogging world, it's been far to long.

So I'm thinking it's about time I get back to this blogging game.
Hope you're all still here.

Sunday 2 January 2011

Happy new year everyone...

Well am i glad to see the back of that year. It had some of the most amazing highs but then the worst lows ever.
So I'm saying thanks for the good times and a big F**k you to all the bad ones, see you and jog on!
Let 2011 begin.
I'm going to work very hard to look like this by the end of this year. Lots of yoga and better eating for me.

I'll also be getting one of these on my arm somewhere with the word Strength. Because this word means a lot to me. I've had to have loads of it in my life and pulled so much strength out of no where last year. And made it through.

This is one of the highs from last year, www.mollycupcakes.co.uk featured in the Dec issue of Country Living mag woo hoo!
Big smiles here in the cupcake house and fingers crossed for this year. Hoping to be in Good Housekeeping :) April issue.
Even though I've not been around very much towards the end of last year, I'll leave you with this saying below....
See you all very soon.
Love x

Friday 29 October 2010

Sad times and good times :( :)

I can't believe it's July since i last did a blog post. You must of all been thinking I'd fallen off the earth.
I did in a way because 3 weeks ago my beautiful step Daddy past away in his sleep. After fighting off cancer of the head, living with altimers and only having 1 lung for 60 years of his life. He closed his eyes and went peacefully to the angels.
My poor Mummy has now got to rebuild the life she once knew. But is getting there with all our love and the support of her friends.
RIP Dad 09/10/10
Love you always x

Once i arrived back from Ireland, I had a 101 things to do get on with. Customer orders and this lovely occasion to look forward to and help me feel happy again.
Yes our very own little cupcake Granny turned 90 on the 22nd Oct and myself, my 2 beautiful cousin's and auntie Jenny throw her a big party on the 23rd.
There was wine, a chocolate fountain, all her favourite foods and treats, music, a this is your life, lots of old friends and family, yummy birthday cake (made by the fabulous Rachel my cousin), presents, laughter, party poppers, karaoke, photos and enough chocolate to put Willie Wonker to shame hehe!
This happy event has done all of us the world of good and I'm sure Dad would of been smiling above us too.
Thank you to everyone that helped make Granny's birthday party happen and all that came along.
Happy belated blog Granny, now the next big ones 100 isn't it ;) see you there x

Granny cupcakes on the far right with her Dad, Mum and Brother. It's amazing how much i look like her then. Wonder if I'll see my 90th?

Sunday 18 July 2010

a very bad blogger indeed

While we've been having fabulous weather like this, the cupcakes house has been very busy indeed.
We've made the most of the sun and had lots of beach days.
With digging....
...and watering the sand lol
We've sat back and relaxed enjoying the blue skies and sunshine.
Sadly a little to much for me one weekend and i ended up burning my feet, ouch! thankfully the cupcakes suncream was as thick as paint lol and waterproof. Mine washed off when paddling in the sea, which = sore feet for a week and half.
Anyway after they'd recovered it was time to get my legs out again lol I am going for the festival look.
The weather as still wonderful for Molly's first sports day. Look at her jump.
Off she goes again and this time, she got a silver stick for coming second.
Very proud Molly and even prouder Mummy and Daddy. Well done little cupcake x
Rochester has held it's second Cherry Picnic and i was lucky enough to have a stall this year.
The whole family came to help and eat.
Jade and i where very tempted by the cake and pudding stall next to us. The competition was enter a pudding and the winner gets the have it made for a year in one of the local restaurant's.
Some of them smelt so good. I wish I'd been a judge and tested them all lol
It was a lovely day and we raised lots of money for the Macmillan nurses and a little for myself and they sold out of cherries, which coursed a bit of complaining. We got ours first thing hehe! before anyone arrived (clever us).
Thanks cupcake family for all your help, you made it a wonderful day x
Now back the another week and it was full of day trips to school for Daisy, which she loved.
And her very last sports day at playgroup.
Daddy made it to this one and we sat and watched her jump, run.....
...and hop in lots of races.
There was even time for cuddles with her favourite Auntie Alison. I don't know who's going to miss each other more. Daisy or Auntie Alison.
There was a Mummies and Daddies relay race which Ben taped but I'll keep for our viewing only LOL my team won though yeay! this made Daisy very happy.
Even more running in the same week, with fun and games at the playgroups teddy bear picnic.
I went down and joined them for some lunch in the park and snapped this photo of Daisy. It has to be my favourite one ever.
That week ended with the playgroups Summer fair. Which was a huge success, we raised £306
Here's the baking raffle prize i put together, it's got a mini hummingbird bakery book, cupcake mix, whisk, spoon and juicer, sprinkles, cherries, cupcake cases, a fabulous apron from Just Original and it's all popped in a cupcake and dotty box.
The raffle prizes where fabulous to this year, a big thank you to everyone that helped make it happen.

On the Saturday it was off to Granny cupcakes and my old secondary school's Summer fair.
Where there was bunting and lots of old memories.
Cakes, candy floss and a tea cup ride. We all had fun. I even saw one of my old teachers, who remembered me, not sure that's a good thing LOL i was a little cheeky as a teenager. But weren't we all?
Another Sunday and it's more beach time. No sun burn this time.
Just lots of fun, relaxing and sandcastles.
And very big smiles......

So you see I've been a busy cupcake this last few weeks and blogging has taken a back seat.
I will try to keep up and pop in on you all. I love my blog and love all of you that drop by and leave comments.
Right for now I'm off to spend time with my cupcakes and recover from this flaming tummy that's been bugging me for 5 days now argh! no time to be ill.
There is fun to be had.
With love,

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Strawberries & cream

Thank you to the lovely Catherine (fabulous name by the way lol) for the box full of wonderful strawberry things.
I love them all and am so glad you like yours.
Sorry for the delay in posting, what with orders, school visits, playgroup things and well just life. I've been a very bad, bad blogger.
Thanks for you're lovely email honey, hope to speak to you soon x
Mollycupcakes will post to you're side of the world if you ever need anything dotty or more CK strawberry fabric xxxxx

With love x

Friday 18 June 2010

The reception x

After a wonderful wedding day, we had everything crossed for another bright sunny day for the garden reception, but the powers that be had other ideas lol
But no matter, we got up early and began to set up the gazebo and house for the arrival of 45 + guests.

It was all hands on deck, as bunting was hung, more tables found and covered.....
...glasses where tired with drink me tags, strawberry vodka jelly shots stacked up, cutlery laid, plates and bowls out.....

... flowers and food set out and then everyone started to arrive. We came down fashionable 10 mins late.
And began to greet our guests.
A big thank you to my cousin Mandy for bringing over the dips and veg platters and hanging the bunting. Plus over seeing the organisation's of food and decoration displaying lol have you thought of becoming a wedding reception planner lol
Also thanks to my friend Alison for making plates of yummy tartlets. They were so good honey x
Here are the 2 love birds, Jade and Tom. Jade spent the whole time taking Tom round to everyone showing him off, awww young love xxx
It was lovely to see everyone so happy and the grey skies and drizzle didn't bother us.
We wanted our wedding reception to be a children friendly time as well, so here is the kids food table lol full of naughty treats. We did proved mini sandwiches too but the treats went down the best hehe! And who can blame them ;)
Ava set herself up in the best seat in the house and got stuck right in. Bless her x
The party was in full swing and there was lots of playing...
... and drinking, eating, music and talking being done.

I have to say a thank you to my lovely new sister-in-law Sam for all her help with displaying the cupcakes I baked and attaching all the "drink me" tags to the glasses. With out you're help they would of just been left to the last minute. And you made them look wonderful x The photo above was taken the day after our big day because there where so any more cupcakes than that (I just forgot to get a close up picture on the day).
Two more lovely ladies to thank, Carol for doing my hair, cutting Ben's mum's fringe because her hair dresser had messed it up (lol) driving me and the cupcakes to the reg office and helping clear up our house after the party ended.
And Tracy (the lady behind with blue on) for sitting with me putting together 50 cupcake favour boxes.
Thanks ladies you're both stars ***
Granny cupcakes has made a new best friend with our next door neighbour Mary, bless the two of them. Getting tipsy and laughing LOL
Mary had to be walked back round home because she was a little bit more than tipsy hehe! And they are both 89, if you can't get drunk at that age I don't know when you can! I bet she slept well that night.
Hello mummy-in-law, cheers. Are you tipsy too?
Now Ben and I didn't really want to do speeches or cutting of the cake but that Granny cupcakes had other ideas.
And got us to stand and say a few words, which wasn't that bad really. Ben handled it well and did most of the talking. And I thanked everyone that had helped make both days special.
This cake didn't last long I can tell you, even if I say it myself. It was yummy yum yum!
After the cake cutting the fun didn't end there lol oh no.
It was confetti time in the cupcakes garden (none was thrown at the wedding because Rochester is a no confetti town) so everyone had saved it for this day. That night I was still finding it in my knickers LOL thanks Granny!
Awww more photo's, food, drink, music and laughter. We couldn't of asked for a nicer time. I hope I (we) got around to everyone that came.

Thank you the flowers where everything I'd dreamed of.

Cornish sweet peas and peonies. They smelt amazing and lasted for over two weeks after.

So apart from a little drizzle the whole day went really well and everyone enjoyed it. And made it something to remember forever. I didn't want it to end.
Thank you Ben for making me the happiest woman in the world. I love you hubby xxxx
Hugs and love,