Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy new year everyone...

Well am i glad to see the back of that year. It had some of the most amazing highs but then the worst lows ever.
So I'm saying thanks for the good times and a big F**k you to all the bad ones, see you and jog on!
Let 2011 begin.
I'm going to work very hard to look like this by the end of this year. Lots of yoga and better eating for me.

I'll also be getting one of these on my arm somewhere with the word Strength. Because this word means a lot to me. I've had to have loads of it in my life and pulled so much strength out of no where last year. And made it through.

This is one of the highs from last year, featured in the Dec issue of Country Living mag woo hoo!
Big smiles here in the cupcake house and fingers crossed for this year. Hoping to be in Good Housekeeping :) April issue.
Even though I've not been around very much towards the end of last year, I'll leave you with this saying below....
See you all very soon.
Love x


VA Boutique said...

*Happy New Year*
Aahhh sweetie pie lovely to see you back here.
Hope 2011 is a fantastic year for you & well done on your magazines!
*yay for you*

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

I hope this year is all highs and only very small lows. Well done on being in country living I will go and have a look later.Take care Lesley.x

Tilly Rose said...

Hi hunny
Happy New Year wishes my lovely!
Nice to see you back.
Well done on your wonderful achievement....

Here's to a whopper in 2011!
Karen x x x

Amanda said...

So nice to hear from you and I hope this year is a lot better.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Hiya, glad to see you back, I hope 2011 is much kinder to you. x

Dinahsoar said...

Welcome back! We missed you.

Garden Girl said...

How lovely to have you back Missis. You are among friends and I think all of us can empathise with rubbish periods in our lives.
Hope you are ok though and things are on the up?
Look after youself my lovely

Vivian Cardinale said...

Just came across your blog -very cool stuff!

Victoria said...

I'd also love to look like J Aniston in that picture. What an inspiration!

Monika said...

Great blog, fun read!

Cheers, Monika

Anonymous said...

I luv cupcakes! and this blog! check out mine!

Carolyn said...

Well done on your magazines!

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