Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Lovely gifts and a bruised big toe!

What a sad old rainy day, no baby bounce at the library today. I didn't fancy going out in that little lot. So I've stayed in with the girls and we've done drawing and watched a DVD instead. I've also got Molly potty training again and she's really done well with it. I think the little chocolate treats helped ;)
I got this lovely little parcel this morning and couldn't wait to open it.

Inside was this little lot from Sarah at pink-petal-designs, a very big thank you to you x
I've started to fill in all the birthdays into the book and will keep the card for the right persons birthday, not sure who yet. It all made me really smile, your a real sweetie. I will add my PIF to the end of this post.

I managed to get this new cupcake frame and photoed in the sun before all this rain came today. I'll be making more soon. I have lots of different pieces of fabric, I'll show you them soon.
Here are the girls enjoying a big cuddle, it's so nice to see them like this, because sometimes even at this young age, they fight like cat and dog lol and the screams can be heard a mile away. My poor ears ring at night after all the noise of the day. I'll need one of those ear cones when I'm old, so people can talk into it. hehe!

I'm sure your all wondering about the title and the bruised toe? well I was rushing to empty Molly's potty this afternoon because she wanted to use it straight away again and I got my right big toe court in the turn up of my jeans and pulled it in the other direction and tripped over. Ended up sitting on the floor holding it trying not to cry in front of the girls. I didn't want them to worry. Bless Molly she came over and gave my toe a magic kiss (that's where you take a kiss in your hand and put it onto where it's needed lol) Even with the kiss it was killing me, so I hopped my way to the freezer and got out some frozen blueberries. Wrapped them in a tea towel, took some painkillers and sat down with it up on a few cushions. Now I'm left with a big bruised toe that is painful to move. I don't think it's too bad as I can still move it a little and walk on it. I just feel silly more than anything, flaming turn ups lol that's the price to pay for being a shorty. lol I'll let you know how it is tomorrow. Lots of TLC from Ben tonight will make me feel better.

At least I can still sit at the computer and do some painting, I don't need to use my big toe for that.

I'll leave you all with this lovely beach photo, lets hope this rain goes away and we get back the lovely warm sunshine. I'm looking forward to Ben holiday in Sept after the schools go back. We're hoping it will be a little quieter then and still nice weather. I think what ever the weather we'll enjoy being together on days out and maybe a few days away somewhere. You never know something spacial might happen (wink wink)

Don't let the rain get you down, I'm sure there is more sunny days ahead.

PIF. I'll send a little something to the first 3 people that leave me a comment requesting to join in the PIF exchange. I look forward to hearing from you. x

Best wishes.

Catherine x


The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Hope your toe heals quickly,no stilettoes for you for a while eh !!!
Lovely beach piccy,I will let someone else do the PIF as I recieved a lovely gift from Sarah today so I will let someone else have a chance,even though I love your beautiful creations,
Kat xxx

pink-petal-designs said...

I love your beach pic and your cake frame, i will also leave your pif as i have done it oterwise i would have been first in line for one of your lovely things.
Sarah x

Rubyred said...

Oh dear,poor you,hope it gets better soon!I'd like to join the PIF exchange,but what do I have to do exactly?

Ragged Roses said...

Oh your poor toe! Have you tried arnica cream it does work. I broke three toes just before we moved house andthey were all black but the arnica helped an awful lot. Good luck with the PIF would love to join in but I'm just beginning to feel like I'm clearing the backlog of things I started and promised months ago! Good luck with it and maybe next time! Have a good few days and hope you get down to the sea ...
Kim x

saraeden said...

i hope you poorly toe gets better soon !!

Sara x