Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Christmas fete a naughty cake and the grinch!

Thank you to all you lovely ladies that sent me birthday wishes and get wells to the girls and Ben. They are now better and full of Christmas cheer. Although Daisy does still have a cough but that doesn't stop her bouncing around lol
Here's my stall, not the best photo but there was lots of other people taking photos so I hope to get my hands on a better one. It was a great day and lovely to be next to the fablious Claire from www.madeinpixieland.co.uk thanks honey for the fun and laughs, coffee and cakes. I'm so glad we met and that you live just up the road. Have a good Christmas. x And I'm looking forward to the next fair in the summer.

I can only say sorry for not blogging earlier about the Christmas fair but life has been a little stressed to say the least, sick children, one partner and 390 pegs to paint don't mix hehe! but I did it and can now put my feet up until the new year yeay!
And treat myself the girls and Ben to yummy naughties like these Santa cookies. From the best bakery in Rochcester http://www.tonylorenzo.co.uk/ well worth a visit if you're every near here. ;)

As you can see they didn't last very long lol
Last weekend I took Molly off on two buses over to Tonbridge to see Jade in her school play the Grinch. It was great fun and we both joined in with the singing and booing hehe! and Molly was delighted to be given a candy cane by one of the hooha's. And danced on the stage when it was all over and we where waiting for Jade to come out. Following in her big sister's footsteps I think.

Well done Jade we are very proud of you and you really looked the part. Can't wait to see you in the stars in your eyes next year. (not the telly one!).

Right I guess now all the stock is painted, wrapped and posted I really should start on Christmas at home. We have got the food and presents, it's just the trimmings left to put up.

Back soon with some more news and photos. Merry Christmas everyone and thank you again for all the lovely birthday wishes x


Catherine x


tess said...

happy christmas to you too, and your stall looked lovely!

VA Boutique said...

Aahh lovely.
I hope you and your cute family have a very special Christmas, and I hope all your dreams come true for the new year!
lots of love
Alison x

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Happy Christmas Catherine and family,hope you have a great time.Jade looked great in her play.I admire you fortitude in taking 2 buses to go and see her,you really are a dedicated mum.
I wish you lots of happiness and a Happy 2008.
Go Girl............!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs Kat xxxxx

Ragged Roses said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Catherine. Hope you have a fab time together.

Just Original said...

I've been visiting everyday to see some photo's! You've made my day as no one else seems to be blogging (including me). The stall looks great, how did it go? Did you wear the Apron, I hope it brought you some luck! If I don't blog before have a great Christmas.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Wishing you & yours a wonderful Christmas!