Friday, 29 February 2008


So Ben will you

Marry me?


Claire said...

Have you really proposed or are you having a joke on us.....yeah if you have and hope you get everything you have dreamed of xxxx

April said...

Did you really ask him? What did he say? Last leap year I fully intended to ask my (now) hubby that same question bu he beat me by three weeks and proposed in the Jewellers! We've now been married nearly 3 years.

I hope you get what you wanted xx

Tracy x said...

you simply cannot leave us not knowing!!!
oh i hope you do get married - i can just see how beautiful your three girls will be as bridesmaids - *sigh*

please let us know ASAP!!!
t x

saraeden said...

Great minds think alike hey !!
Check out my blog !!!

Sara x

Racheal Miles said...

Oh how lovely, I hope this is for real and that he said yes :-)

Racheal x

Emma Herian said...

Oh I hope he is peeking! Good luck.
My other half proposed to me in Nov after 15 years because he knew it was going to be a leap year. Oh let us know!

Summer by the sea said...

Can't wait to find out what he said (of course he said yes!)
Natalie x

Perfectly Lovely said...

Oh my god, have you really done it?!!

Im sure if you did then Ben said yes straight away!

Let us know asap,

Lots of love Jen xx

pink-petal-designs said...

Come on Catherine, "WHAT DID HE SAY" hope he said yes.
Sarah x

Kitty said...

Awww, how romantic! I hope he said yes!


Garden Girl said...

Stop keeping us in suspense, woman!!! How, where, what, when? (not why or who, obviously!!)
Well done, clever girl!!xx

Just Original said...

Don't tease us! What did he say?