Monday, 1 December 2008

It is safe to say...'s gone all Christmassy here in the cupcake house, these 2 little fellas followed me home the other week and have been waiting very quietly to be let out. They both now stand proud on our fireplace in the dinnering room. Aren't they just the cutest Santa's ever!

Ben brought home the tree cut it and trimmed it and hung the lights on it. (It's a Daddy thing) lol

And the cupcakes and i decorated it the next day. This beautiful toadstool came from the fabulous Made in Pixieland pop on over to Claire's wonderful website for more gorgeous items like this. Thanks sweetie it looks lovely.
It is safe to say that our tree is very girlie, sorry Ben, but we do keep making girls lol so I'm afraid it's pink, pink and yes you guessed it more pink.
Just to the left of the photo, is hanging my fabulous buy at the Handmade & Vintage fair. It's the cutest cupcake I've ever seen. Made from a pink pipe cleaner, sliver balls and news paper, I'll take a better photo of it soon and one of Daisy's little white bird she bought. It's on the tree but i didn't get it in this photo.

Why is it so hard to take photos of Christmas trees? no matter how many times i tried, it always came out looking dull. I will keep at it, a nice sunny day is what is needed lol whats one of those? all we keep getting is rain, rain and more rain.

It won't dampen our Christmas spirit here in the cupcake house, a little rain never stopped us.
We're off to the Dickens festival this Sunday, Granny Mills is coming along too. Last bit of Christmas shopping on Saturday and a Christmas craft fair just down the road, which that lovely Claire will be selling her pixie items along with a few of mine. Thanks honey x
Looking forward to a fun weekend, hope you all are too.

Now i haven't had any music for a while and was looking through YouTube the other night and came across this. It's a little rude but very funny and no swearing.
It brings back happy memories of my childhood and singing along to it with my mum. I can even remember all the words even now after all these years. Hope you enjoy it too. The fabulous Victoria Wood and Let's Do It lol

It is also one of my Mum's favourites, so this ones for you Mummy. Love and think about you everyday. Chat later x
Catherine x


julie said...

I remember victoria wood doing this song, it was good then and still is. The tree is looking lovely. How are you all getting o in the new house

love jules xx

VA Boutique said...

Oh lovely and festive.
Ooohhhh I loved Victoria Wood and that song always brings back memories of being younger, my sister and I used to love it and found it hilarious!!!

Poppy said...

Hilarious!!! I have not seen it before

The Christmas tree looks lovely!
Have a lovely weekend xxx

April said...

I love that song and I love your tree!!

April xx

Sal said...

Yes, they are the cutest Santas!!
I love them ;-)

Garden Girl said...

Oh god, thankyou so much for putting up that VW video-I LOVE her! Always makes me laugh, and has cheered me up no end after a stressful week!
lots of love