Sunday, 26 April 2009

Easter Sunday By The Sea

It's a little late but what with the break and now the first week back to playgroup over and done with, times just got away with me. We enjoyed the Easter Sunday down at Whitstable, you know how it is, you wake up no plans and then someone says those magic words "lets go to the seaside" cheers and screams of happiness fill the cupcake house and off we go. Looking in some of the fab little shops down there first, can't believe our luck they are open today of all days.
Loving this window with it's Easter feel (not the best photo, sorry) and just falling in love with this cute Easter hen knitting her, egg cosies lol
I have to say a big hello and sorry to the lovely lady working in Taking The Plunge shop, for coming up to me and saying your Mollycupcakes aren't you! i was so taken a back that someone knew who i was from my blog page lol that i never asked you who you where and what with the cupcakes wanting to play with every wooden toy and Mr Cupcakes waiting to go and get chips at the door, i never got to stop and chat. I sorry if you thought i was rude by not asking you, it's just like rounding up sheep sometimes with the cupcakes and if Mr Cupcakes doesn't eat in time well you know how it is lol I will pop in another time and have a nice chat with you. In the meantime if you do read this, please leave me a comment and let me know if you to have a blog. Thanks lovely lady, it was fabulous of you to say hello.

After chips and cold drinks on the beach, it's off for sweets and...
Daisy's one is nearly as big as her lol but she ate the lot.
Back down to the beach for some pebble collecting.

And sitting enjoying the sunshine and chatting.

A short walk a long the beach and there was a lovely open art studio, just look at the colours of that bunting against the blue sky and green hedge. Is Summer on it's way? It really felt like it on this day, we all ended up wearing just our small tops and leaving the coats in the car. Can't remember the last we did that.
We walked and walked for what seemed like forever and small cupcakes ran and ran. Just watching them made us feel knackered, even miss teen cupcake said i don't know how they do it. But i think we where all glad to come across this lovely little corner store, stocked with cold drinks, fresh fruit and yummy old sweets. Cute seats outside for a much needed rest before waking back to the car. I must remember to take a photo of inside the store next time, because the sweets are displayed in the cutest chest of draws, with all the wrappers stuck on the front of each draw. Fab idea and so simple and it looks so old fashioned and eye catching.

Our first Monday before playgroup we where lucky enough to get yes more sun, so filled with yummy jam and custard doughnuts the cupcakes set about some arty fun in our garden.

Colouring in the pebbles they'd collected from the beach, such a simple and easy way to keep them happy. I love that they want to be creative and have a fabulous imagination. I'll photo the pebbles another time. Molly gave her ones all little faces and Daisy stuck stickers on hers.
Taking them back to playgroup on Tuesday was odd and the house was so quite for a few hours. Daisy oddly enough cried this week when i was leaving, breaking my heart each time. But I'm sure it's just a thing she's going through because we've had 2 weeks together. It's funny because everyday in the Easter break she woke up and said "is it playgroup today" lol argh! kids, don't you just love them LOL
Don't miss out on the bunnies, hop on to this page they're hopping away fast. x
Have a good week.


julie said...

Ah Whitstabubble we used to holiday there when I was a child, what memories and I know it has changed a lot recently with little shops and the coast walk tidied up, you look like you has a lovely time
jules x

nikinpos said...

What a lovely day! Its funny getting recognised from our blogs isn't it? Last summer it happened to me and visiting blog friend from Sweden. An American girl walked past and suddenly started pointing at us and got really excited that she knew us both!

Simply H said...

Hello - I am the mad lady who approached you in Taking the plunge!! I think I was as shocked to see you in the shop as you were to be recognised and I blurted it out before I even thought about what I was saying!!! I didn't think you were rude at all. I know how it is when you are trying to round up the troops! Do pop in for a chat another time - I just work occasional sundays there. I live just round the corner from the Windy Corner stores, it is a lovely little place!
Helen x

Shabby Chick said...

Wow, how cool to have someone recognise you! I always look such a state I doubt anyone would recognise me from the photo on my blog :-S

It looks like a wonderful day at the seaside, I bet all the cupcakes had a wonderful time.

Mel xxx

April said...

Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for your lovely comments on my page and I love the coffee and cupcake idea ;-)

April xx

VA Boutique said...

Aaahhh sounds an ideal Easter Sunday.
Oohhh and getting celeb spotted too, fab!

Caroline said...

What a lovely pictures! And great to be recognised too!
I adore your blog and therefore gave you an award. It is on my blog.

Just Original said...

It looks like you had a great day by the sea side. Hope you are OK, I forgot to say thank you for organising the 'Heart Swap', I got some lovely gifts from Kirtsy.

Vanessa x

{Love, Love, Love} said...

I love the look of Whitstable but sadly have never been there!
It is on my list of places to go and I am sure that we will have a great time as you always seem to! x

Anonymous said...