Sunday, 17 May 2009

Oh why did you have to rain today?

This was the beautiful weather for last years first old rectory sale, they hold about 3 a year and this one was gorgeous sunshine but today's sale was no where near as a pretty picture. Sadly the heavens opened up on the way over and poured and poured some more when we got there. Fingers crossed for the next one in a couple of months time.

We didn't let it dampen our spirits and trooped on, looking through the wonderful rooms filled with anything and everything vintage. Little Granny came along this time, as she'd spied the poster for it on our fridge and jumped at the chance to come along for a nosy around. She bought us all cake to put even bigger smiles on our wets faces before we left. I came away with the beautiful eiderdown photoed above, it was my very last buy of the day and actually Ben took me back there before they closed to get it as I'd ummmed and awwwed about it and watched as it got wetter and wetter under the console table it was hiding on. Until i said to myself no be happy with what you've got already. But that lovely man of mine took me back and i said if it's there it's meant to come home with us. And it was, i think no one else had bothered to pick it up due to the pouring rain because as luck would have it there was only a tiny piece of it wet. And no marks or rips on it anywhere and at £35 it wasn't going to break the bank. I love it and am so happy to have gone back for it, it will be coming to feather down farms on our next holiday there in a couple of months. Just right for snuggles under the stars, don't you think?

I think i had my very pretty eyes on today because i also got these lovely 2 items, a old fashioned pinny and very flat seat cover. Which I'll be refilling and making all plump again.

I picked these red knitting needles up in our local little junk shop. Maybe now i have them i can finally learn to knit lol and i just couldn't leave the real French Bonne Maman jar with it's price in franks on it. I'll fill it with buttons or cotton reels very soon. Photoed them while the light was good, so i thought I'd share them too.

Now back to the sale and yes more books came home with us. We still have most (well nearly all )our books still packed away in boxes, as we can't put up any shelves they've kind of been forgotten. It's just finding that right book case. No luck at the sale today. The one i did see was already sold. One will come along that's right for us and it's fun looking in the mean time.
And even more fun adding to our collection lol The Country Compendium and Poultry Practice are for my farmer Ben. Did you know that a flock of crows are called a murder? And a clutch or chattering of chicks. It's good to know these things they may come in handy one day LOL

The cupcakes collection is growing bigger and bigger by the week too. They will need a bigger book case soon in their bedroom. And choosing a bedtime story is getting harder each time. One of my favourites is Alice in wonderland, this book is filled with the most fabulous pictures and i love the eat me, drink me part. And who knows Topsy and Tim? I've never heard of these before and am so glad I've found them now. They are just adorable little books. I can't wait to read them to the cupcakes. Their rosy cheeks put a smile on the dullest of days like today. Come sun don't hide away. Please come out tomorrow after a good nights rest lol
And on that note, it's time for me to wish you a good night and go and get a cuppa decaf myself.
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, what did you do? and where did you go? I'll catch up with you all in the week.
Ps. To Mandy my friends swap buddy, sorry I'm so crap and didn't get out to the post office last week. Please forgive me, it will be posted bright and early tomorrow. X


Lynsey said...

Ooo some lovely buys there, especially the eiderdown, extremely jealous! =) xx

Anonymous said...

Love the eiderdown!
Are you looking forward to the swap, I have all your goodies prepared and will be posting them very soon. I will let you know when there in the post, I really hope you like them! xxxx

{Love, Love, Love} said...

What lovely are lucky to have such a great sale near to you! x

Mandy said...

Catherine please dont apologise I have only been sitting waiting for my parcel to arrive and bitterly disappointed that it didnt! JOKE...
dont be silly it doesnt matter when it arrives xx
Looks like the sale would have been lovely despite the stupid english weather xxx

meplusmolly said...

What a fabulous find the eiderdown was! You picked up some great buys.
Glad you had a good weekend despite the weather, bring back the sun I say! ;0

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Some lovely finds.
Hasn't the weather been vile?

Just Original said...

It seems like the eiderdown was meant to be! How lucky are you to be going to Feather Down farm again!

Vanessa x

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, I have gave you an award, you can collect it from my site, I do hope you like it. xxxx

VA Boutique said...

Oh that eiderdown, how lovely & such a bargain too!
I used to love reading all the Topsy & Tim books when I was little I just loved them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, your goodies are wrapped and ready to post to you tomorrow.
Sorry about the box I have put them in (it is a bt phone box, only one big enough I could find), but I have wrapped it in pretty paper to send to you. xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I've posted your swap parcel, so it should be with you tomorrow. xxxx

Caroline said...

Catherine, what a catch your man sounds! That eiderdown is gorgeous, love all your book finds too. Hope the cupcakes love their books too.
Next time round the sun will shine, I am sure.

Garden Girl said...

I remember Topsy and Tim well from my childhood, they were fab books!!
I love the treasures you found, they're fab, especially the eiderdown, well spotted!!

Ragged Roses said...

You found some lovely things Catherine, that eiderdown is beautiful

Bobo Bun said...

Mistress Cupcakes they are very good finds indeed. Looked a gorgeous place to visit and spend at.

Like you I'm world class at missing a deadline. Very last minute me, but it does all get done in the end with just stress to me and my family. So sorry, been alternating stitch stitch for you with stitch stitch for upcoming fairs. Will finish this weekend and send off next week. You forgot to mail address over in your last message so let me know where postie needs to go and we might be in business at last.

Have a lovely week.

Lisa x

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

How much nicer to knit with colourful red needles!

Victoria xx


Greta blog! Will be following in future. Your Rectory Sales sound great fun .. whatever the weather. Where are you? .. anywhere near my bit of Devon??

Unknown said...

Wow you did really well at the sale despite the rain , lovely stuff .