Friday, 7 August 2009

Boxes, boxes and more boxes!!!

It's been a while but we've done it and moved into our new house on Tuesday. So that's only 3 days a go, wow it feel like weeks have gone by lol
I have to say, "I hate moving house!" to think it was only 8 months ago we moved in to the other one, god we've been stressed out.
Once all the dust has settled with the other place, I'll share with you the reason behind our 2 month notice bomb shell. Lets just say what goes around comes around and karma will catch you up and bite you on the bum (i hope).
I'm unpacking boxes and all the time thinking please let this one be for more than 8 months and not let us have been lied too again. Playing with people's life's isn't a very nice thing to do and when there are cupcakes involved, it's even worse. I could really lose it thinking about what has happened and how we're being treated. Ill keep it all in for now, until it's over and just by my time. Keep calm and carry on.
But looking on the right side we do now have a fabulous garden (i think a wedding party would look wonderful in), own drive way, still 3 bedrooms, bigger kitchen and did i say it was detached lol Oh and it's closer to the allotment, just at the end of the road and up a little bit. Perfect.
When we're a little more unpacked, I'll do some photo's and give you a tour hehe!
Thank you once again for every comment, phone call and email i received over the last couple of months. They have really helped me look forward and move on. If i can return the love and support i will.
Those of you waiting for parcels please bare with me for a little while longer, i haven't forgotten you, just need a little longer to sort them out.
Have a lovely weekend and the biggest hugs to you all x x x
Catherine x


Beki said...

Glad you're sorted hunni, can't wait to see new house.
Last year we moved twice in 2 months, how's that for stress lol!
Good luck with the unpacking
Beki xxx

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Pleased to hear that you are getting sorted and I know how you feel about karma....I live in hope one day too! x

madmummy said...

Wow, that was quick!! Soooooooo glad you have moved to somewhere lovely and hope you can soon put all the hassle and meanness (think i made that word up?) behind you. You have such a lovely family and are rapidly becoming my favourite kind of cupcake ;) (although have some coffee cupcakes in the oven as I type - yum!!)
Off on (rainy?) hols tomorrow, xxx Steph

VA Boutique said...

Aahh glad everything has worked out well, the house sounds just fab. I knew an even better house would be out there for you.
Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home.

julie said...

good luck me dear, hope you get settled for a lot longer this time
love jules x

A Farmers Wife said...

Hi! There's an award for you on my blog
Kirsty x

April said...

glad things are a bit more settled for you now sweetie.

Look forward to seeing some photos once you've caught your breath!


April xx

MarmaladeRose said...

So glad to hear you're resettled. I hope you'll be very happy in your new home, looking forward to some pics.

Love Fi x

Tracy x said...

hurrah xxxx
hugs to you all
t x

Rubyred said...

Hi Catherine, so pleased you found somewhere lovely! Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home!
Have a great week!
Rachel x

LissyLou said...

you have an award and tag waiting for you over at my blog. x

Tina said...

Hi Catherine,
Wish you all the best on this new phase of your life.
Lots of luck. x

Butterfly said...

I've only just discovered your beautiful site, I'm a bit new to this blogging but your pages are inspiration for me to do more. I'm off to look at the scrummy cakes and gorgeous things in your shop.
Claire xxx