Monday, 7 September 2009

One last big day out before it's all change in the Cupcake house

This was Molly's smiley face first thing this morning before setting off to big school. I see before me a beautiful little girl, ready to set off on a new adventure in life.

But in my heart i still see her as this tiny little bundle snuggled up tight on my chest, just happy to feed, sleep and feel safe.
In Mummy and Daddies arms.
A happy little fairy at Christmas, sitting up by yourself and then....
... on to your first steps. Look at those chubby cheeks, i could just kiss them all day lol
Then before we knew it off to playgroup you went.
And now today the 7th Sept 2009 your first day at school. I feel a little lost with out you here but i know you're safe and sound. Learning, playing and making new friends. And after a few tears off you went taking the teachers hand to draw and paint me a lovely picture. Well done little cupcake, each day will get easier. And you'll enjoy your time away from me, knowing I'll always be back to collect you at the end of each day.

Knowing the summer holiday's where drawing to a close and just popping off on the bus or train anytime we fancied would be a thing of the past, i took both the cupcakes off to the big smoke for a trip to Covent Garden.
Lots of schools must have gone back because it was lovely, no standing on the train and you could move around without bumping into each other. We stopped and watched this clever man juggling knifes and eating an apple while riding a unicycle. Daisy loved it and clapped and shouted yeay! she even gave him her 50p for sweeties at the end. Awwww! bless her and of course i replaced it for her, so she could get a treat. lol
Talking of treats, if you get a chance pop up on a Thursday to the food market and have one of these yummy cupcakes from Crumbs and Doilies. Their blog and website is pretty yummy too. (Daisy's face is very funny in this photo, the sun was in her eyes lol). We walked around and looked at some other stalls, stopped off at the Disney store (sigh!) got a birthday card and present, food from Marks and sparks and finished off by stumbling into Cath Kidston, oh how did that happen lol
And after some ooww's and lots of aww's from myself at all the loveliness in there and some playing with the wooden Stanley dog, making sure he was tucked up in one of the floral dog beds before we left. The CK shop assistant's loved the girls and said i could of left them in there all day playing lol wow what an offer hehe! I didn't know Miss Cath Kidston had babysitting services in her shops! does she do coffee as well? lol
We came away with a bag of goodies and made our way back to the train station. I didn't fancy hitting rush hour with the cupcakes and was very glad I'd given myself a deadline for getting home. No standing on the train again yeay! two happy, sleepy, cupcake filled faces left London ( you can see they've had sugar lol) and me a happy Cupcake Mummy with her blue bag of treats. It was a nice day but i did forgot to take more photo's sorry. (Note to self for next time).
This is what i brought home with me, the green and blue mugs to go with our red and pink ones. I thought it was about time we had some more manly colours for Mr Cupcakes lol the darker pink isn't a CK but a Next buy, from Jade to me a couple of Christmas's ago and the baby pink ones from Jo-jo mama. They all go together and look like a yummy sweet shop mix.
Our colourful cupboard makes me smile on the dullest of days. And brings a little bit of sunshine in to the room. Mr cupcake sighs and says "how many cups and glasses do we need?" lol men will never understand the need for prettiness and you never knows coming round for coffee. And they'll come in handy for our wedding garden party next year.
One item purchased was met with approval, our new butter dish. Now the flies won't be nibbling the ends or the cats licking the top, Yuk! it's safe inside it's pretty new home. And look how our red dotty butter knife matches it. Toast in the mornings won't be the same lol
The weekend flew by filled with food shopping, last minute trip for school shorts and coat, an antique fair, some stock making and time on the allotment. Sunday afternoon, we came back and i saw that the florist had changed their window to this beautiful one. It's the mad hatters tea party along with some other things from Alice in wonderland. They have entered into a competition and are holding a coffee morning on the 25th Sept, as part of the Macmillan cancer support biggest coffee morning event. If you live near Rochester pop along and give your support. I'll be showing mine by making lots of coffee cupcakes for it and maybe some new pegs. They've got a fabulous website too have a look Drury's I'm very lucky they are right on the corner of our road. Handy for flowers, plants and popping in for chats.

Wow it's taken me nearly all day to do this post. Miss Molly is back home and looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. She made me the biggest picture and i got the biggest hug and smile when i went and got her. It feels better now today is out of the way, we both know what to expect.
I hope everyone else's day went well, with out any tears, i was good and didn't shed any. I held them all in. And had little Daisy to keep me smiling for the rest of the day.
Thank you for all your messages of support, they mean so much. x
bye bye for now. x


LissyLou said...

Bless her what a lovely post. Did she have a nice day?

I ment to ask you - did you send my giveaway? please don't think i'm routing for it, i know you've been busy, but i remember one of your posts where you said you were sending it off the next week. We have had a bit of problems with post coming here, so i just wanted to check.


madmummy said...

Glad today went well. Have been thinking of you in the run up to the first day!! Seems like so long ago that we went through it!!
xxx Steph

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Well done little cupcake! x

Summer Blue said...

Oh Catherine, that 2nd picture made me melt! I love babies when they curl up on you like that and just kind of hang there!!
The trip to London looked fab and they certainly enjoyed it.
Well done you, you put me to TOTAL shame....I was pathetic..couldn't manage to get through the morning without a few tears..but just like you I feel so much better now she's home having really enjoyed herself and as you say, we both know what to expect tomorrow.
Take care,
Jane. xxxx

Tracy x said...

well done little one - your very first day of school and you did it :)
we are all very, very proud of you and are sending you extra big hugs and kisses xxx

Mandy said...

She is just adorable x You are going to miss her x x

Pomona said...

Lovely seeing your pictures - my little baby has just started year 6, and it only seems like yesterday she was a tiny like that! It all goes far too fast!

Pomona x

Poppy said...

I have been following your blog for a year now, so even I had a tear in my eye. Molly looked so cute and all grown up. They grow up so quick, my son is off too college on Wednesday for his first day.

It looks like you have had loads of fun in the school holidays.

Have a lovely week…love Lou xxx

julie said...

Glad her first day went well, I'm not sure who is more daunted the child or the parent, Charleigh went to big school this week and I cried so it doesn't get any easier. I didn't realise you were in rochester we came from Higham before we moved here to france.
love jules xx

Rubyred said...

Molly looks so cute in her uniform! So pleesed that you're settling into your new home.Your day out in Covent Garden looks lovely!
Hope to have a trip there myself soon!
Hope Molly enjoys the rest of her school week!

Lucy said...

Oh what a lovely post! It brought tears to my eyes, I remember it well! My little cupcakes are now 12 and 9 but I still remember their first day at school so well. Love the baby picture too! Lucy x

JacquiMcR said...

I had a bit of a lump in the throat reading your post (very emotional just now as my precious nana has just passed away) because it doesnt seem that long since my two were the same size as yours(a boy and girl). My daughter will be 13 next week and we are going to London for the weekend as a special treat. My son is in primary 7. Where did the time go, I wonder? Best wishes - jacqui x

LinenandRoses said...

Oh Molly does look all grown up in her School uniform. I hope she's settling into it now. Love your CK purchases. We've got just the red dotty mugs but I keep wondering about adding another colour, probably blue to go with my cornishware. My hubby can't understand the need for so muc prettiness either.