Thursday, 8 November 2007

Don't you wish you had been her?

I just had to share this video with all you lovely hard working ladies, it's only short, so stop what you're doing put the kettle on, make a tea or coffee. Sit back and watch.

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I stumbled across this on youtube. I was looking for Radiohead songs and as Creep is my favourite I was delighted to find so many on there.

There is a bit of swearing in it as it's the oriental version of the song, so I have to say sorry for that. But please enjoy it.

The funny thing is the first time heard this song I was in a HMV store listening through the store headphones. What I want to know is where was Mr Depp then??? I would of played it much cooler than her lol ;) ;)

So I hope you all enjoy this and have a little break from the Christmas madness we are all in.

Hugs. x

Catherine x


Rubyred said...

Hi Catherine,I absolutely love Creep by Radiohead and play it loads on the media player!We've obviously got great taste!Mr Depp's not bad either!

Unknown said...

Hubba Hubba ! Mr Depp is just Phwoar !

I love Creep too so a fab double whammy too.

Thanks for sharing with us

Ragged Roses said...

That's never happened to me in HMV - I must get out more!!!
PS Happy Belated birthday to your gran

Kitty said...

Hi there - just been enjoying reading your blog and had to leave a comment saying I certainly do wish Johnny Depp would appear in my local HMV!

Keep up the good work :-)

Just Original said...

I don't normally like JD, but I do like a man in a suit! And he wears it well!

VA Boutique said...

Eeek, I wish!
I love Johnny Depp!
Love Alison x

claire Maraldo said...

Yeah I would have acted cooler too but I would probably end up walking off with a long piece of toilet paper stuck to my shoe or realising I had a line of children's snot down my coat. But I don't worry too much as I'm sure Johnny doesn't frequent Woolworths in Chatham very often.

I Love Creep too. In fact I love all Radiohead and I don't understand people who say they are depressing, i think they are just being ironic.

Love and stuff Claire. x

P.S finally I've managed to hack my way into my google account and comment on your blog. hooray!

Perfectly Lovely said...

I love that song! Ive never seen that vidio before, Johnny D is Ssooo hot!I just had to have a bit of a bit of a dance in front of the computor!!
Nice one hunny bun, Jen xx

P.s Hope everyone is well, I havent had a chance to comment in ages, I bet the girls are all getting really excited about christmas, I hope you and ben are coping!!x