Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Halloween and Birthday wishes x

The little ones didn't know anything about Halloween but they did enjoy watching the pumpkin be cut out and light up.
And when we turned out the lights, they screamed with delight not fear thank goodness hehe! I'm sorry to say I didn't make anything with the pumpkins insides. Somewhere along the way it must of got dropped and was a little mouldy inside. Maybe next year I'll have a go at something. Not to sure I'll like though the smell of it puts me off lol

Molly and Jade got stuck into work on some yummy lemon muffins, ready for our visit to Claire's from Elfie & me. And they went down a treat. I think it's because of the two little cooks that made them with me.
On the 22nd of Oct my beautiful Granny turned 87 and here she is with one of her birthday cakes. Just one candle, I couldn't get that many on her eclair.

I took the girls round and we spent the day with her. She got lots of gifts. Here she is opening a special one from me.

When I was looking though my photos the other day I came across this one her and my Grandad. And I just knew I had to get her a copy do and popped into a little frame. It will remind her of happier times with him. Because sadly now he is in a nursing home and has had outsimers for about 9 years now and is just a shell of a man he once was.
My gran goes and sits with him everyday and feeds him every lunch time. I think it's her dedication and strength that keeps him going. She always says that the staff are fantastic but don't have the time to sit and feed him his food, where as she does and wants too.
I think all the treats she gives him, like cakes and chocolate help too hehe!
I am so proud of my Granny and as you can see so are her three Great Grandaugthers.
Big hugs for a amazing lady, we love you lots. Don't ever change. x x x

I hope I'm as fabulous as she is when I'm her age. She is an inspiration to me.

Hugs to all Mothers, Grannies, Nana's and Great Grandmas and Nana's.

Have a lovely week whats left of it. X

Catherine x


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you don't like the pumpkin smell either - I was beginning to worry it was just me!!!!
My Nan has just gone into a nursing home, and each week my mum phones me to tell me she's likely to be passing away in the next few days....and then she perks up and is right as rain! I think she likes to keep us on our toes! She's an amazing woman, and I don't quite know what I'll do when we do lose her.

On a cheery note....do you have/are you doing before christmas any more kids baking sets? Fingers crossed you do - let me know! :)

paper-and-string said...

such a lot of love for your granny, she is one lucky lady! and it sounds like your grandad is lucky to have her :-)


Nonnie said...

Happy Birthday to your Gran! She sounds like a very special lady indeed. I hope she had a lovely Birthday. x

Racheal Miles said...

I don't like the smell of pumpkins either, everyone says oh you should make pumpking soup or pumpkin pie etc and I just smile politely :0)

Your Granny is great for her age, an inspiration to us all.

Racheal x

Racheal Miles said...

Hi, just to let you know that I have added you to my bloglist.

Racheal x

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

I wish I still had my Gran,she was a very broad minded Frenchwoman who taught me all sorts of saucy tips on pleasing a man !!!!!!
She was also a brilliant cook,spoke 4 languages and swore in French which was hilarious.
I loved her to bits and still miss her.
Love to you all.
Kat xxxx

Asti said...

Oh what a lovely post. I'm a nurse in the community and know what Alzheimers can do. Your Gran sounds such a lovely lady. I feel the same about mine....