Saturday, 5 January 2008


Resolution No.2
Drink more of this. I am so very naughty and just don't drink enough water and I like it but not with anything in it like juice yuk! So I have no excuse, I just seem to forget to drink it. That goes for any drink really. Ben says I'm a camel lol and have hidden humps hehe! that keep me going.
So from Monday I'm going to make more of a effort to drink some.
I do really enjoy my coffee and can't resist mocha's, it's the one drink I have as a treat. So I think with the water drinking I can have 2 of these a day as well.
We all need a pick me up and it is a little weakness of mine, so I think I'll keep this naughty on my list of must haves.

I have hung these gorgeous white wooden letters, I just love them a present from Ben at Christmas. HOME what a lovely word, it means so many different things to everyone. To me it's that relaxed, warm, safe, wanted, loved, happy and needed feeling I get every time I walk through the door.

I though it would be nice to ask all of you what the word HOME means to you, please leave it in a comment on any of the posts this week and the one I that warms my heart the most will receive a free gift.

Having seen so many of your beautiful homes I'm sure it will come so very easy to you all. Good luck ladies. x

Here is one of the nicest photos I've taken of our two gorgeous girls, they where so happy playing on the sofa. A simple game of peek- a- boo lol I just had to share their happy faces with you.
I know I've going on about being good and getting healthy (I am promise ;) but everyone else isn't so I'm going to make some of this yummy very naughty Hokey Pokey from Nigella's new book a little treat with my waterstones vouchers.

And a nice way to say thank you to Ben's Mum, Sister and Brother in law for giving us a lovely family Christmas. And if there is any left over, well I'm sure my little lots can polish it off hehe!

Hope your all having a nice weekend and I'm look forward to reading all about them and seeing your comments about HOME. Good luck everybody.

I'll tell you all the winner on Friday.


Catherine x


tess said...

home is where my family is, corny but true!

Tracy x said...

home..... dust, packing boxes, too many animals in too small a space, noise, chaos, madness.....

oh and.... safe, comfy, welcoming, warm...... home x

speak soon
t x

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Home......where I grumble the most but am loved the best and where my heart warms me with the love of my man and kids.
I'm so with you on the water thing,I keep a glass by the sink and try to have a good glug of water each time I use the sink itself.I'm always hand washing or washing dishes or preparing food....only trouble is I piddle like a race horse and the loo is upstairs.
Tell you what I love....taking my shoes off when I get home after a night shift.....Bliss......I'm home !!!!!!!!!!
Hugs Kat xxxxx

Unknown said...

Home is what I woke up to this morning: the cats purring in my face, and the 2 monkeys sandwiched between me and hubby. As long as I have that to wake up to, I could be in a box, a tent or a mansion and it wouldn't matter.

Kathy said...

Home, the place where sometimes its calm, sometimes its noisy (OK rather alot), sometimes its fraught, sometimes its lonely (1st day back at school especially) but most of all its just lovely. (and full of dust and washing)!

jessica daisy said...

home is my nest

Kitty said...

Home is where it's ok to be 'me' - all the time. Where my kids can be 'them', where 'we' can be 'us'. x

Just Original said...

Cooking, cleaning, ironing but its my restbite care from life!!!!!!

Garden Girl said...

'Home' is where we return to our own sofa, our own bed, our own bath and our own company. After a week of mania and not seeing much of each other, or a weekend away in our tent, it's lovely to come home and just 'be'. Wherever we have been, we will be driving home and my husband will turn to me, smile and say 'Oooh, own sofa' it's just a silly 'us' thing but we both know what he means. Will stop now!
anna x

Curlew Country said...

Happy New Year! What a great question and since moving house its changed and we've finally found what we've been searching for. Home means peace and feeling safe, all of us being free to be just ourselves the way we want to, being able to rest amongst the madness and feeling that I'm in completely the right place - at last.

I'm drinking a lot of water but its the only vaguely healthy thing I do! That mocha looks fab, very tempting! mmmmm

Nonnie said...

Home is my sancturary. My safe place. It's where I feel cosy and snug and content. But I also always refer to Mum and Dads place as home, even though I've never actually lived there. I guess it's because despite having my own place Home will also always be where they are.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello! Home is the best place in the world! I never drink enough water, I drink mugs of tea all day long, but I'm not sure if that counts! I haven't stopped making hokey pokey and have to make a batch for my friend's little boy every time we see him - it keeps the dentist happy! Take care

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Home is where I feel safe with my family, and safe in the fact everyone is at home safe together ( if that makes sense ). I feel relaxed at home ad find it really relaxing knowing that i can walk round and do what i want when I want, like eat a whole packet of biscuits !. If i feel sad then i can feel sad and pick myself up again. When I am really happy I can jump up and down on my bed and no one knows!.

saraeden said...

A house is just a house .. its family that make it a home .... wow thats a bit deep for me !!

Sara x

annie's abode said...

Home is a little corner of the world where you can be yourself with a sense of security and you feel you are surrounded by love.

Might sound a bit cheesy but it's true.