Thursday, 31 January 2008

Not for those of you on a diet

More little love message hearts, these will be for sale 80p each, so you can choose the right message you want to send or hide for your loved one to find. Or choose any 5 for £3.75 just email me what messages you'd like.
You can choose from :

Will you ?

Be Mine x

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Me & You


Kiss me

Forever Love

Hugs x

I Love YouDid you know I'm heart crazy? lol well yes here is another gorgeous heart send to me by the fabulous Katy over at I'm a ginger monkey.

Thank you sweetie, I love it x

In one of my old posts I have said the word Gypsy Tart and lots of you wanted to know how to make it or just hadn't heard of one.

So here is a very easy recipe. I hope you all enjoy it.

1 400g (14oz) Tin of Evaporated Milk

340g (12oz) Dark Muscovado Sugar

1 10inch Pre-baked shortcrust pastry case
Pre-heat oven to 200°C: 400°F: Gas 6. Whisk evaporated milk and sugar together for approximately 10 minutes Until light and fluffy and coffee coloured. Pour the mix into the pastry case. Bake for 10 minutes. The surface will appear slightly sticky but will set completely when left to cool. Serve cold.

Now forget the diet and grab a coffee, (look what was in mine yesterday a tiny heart) put your feet up for 5 mins and enjoy a small slice of one of these. Yum but be warned they are very, very sweet. So don't tell the dentist (Shh shh!).

Here they are and butter wouldn't melt would it? They both had my heart in my mouth the other day. I was up to my eyes in pegs and paint (nothing new there hehe!) and the girls where playing nicely, great I can get on a little bit longer I thought to myself and then it happened, one very loud crash followed by even louder screams. They had both climbed up on to the Ikea Poang chair (you know the ones that bounce) and it had tipped over backwards. Molly was lucky that she can put her hands out and only bumped a little bit of her face. But poor Daisy smacked herself right in the nose. Ouch!

After a hundred checks for broken bones and even more kisses and cuddles she stoped crying and feel asleep on my lap. In the photo below you can just see a little bruise on the side of her cute little button nose. But it doesn't stop her smiling, so that is good.

I don't think they'll be playing on that chair again, I hate the flaming thing and want to replace it with a nice comfy armchair, so if anyone wants to swap, just let me know. You'll save me another heart attack like that one.

I've come up with a solution to me needing to get on with an order and the girls playing without breaking bones or bumps and bruises. Just pop them into a large basket and place where you can see what they are up to lol
Or just stop what you're doing and play along with them hehe! this was todays rainy day play. A inside picnic with the bunnies. Yum felt and wooden food, that will keep my calories down.
I hope that Feb brings us all lots of love and some sunshine.

Keep wishing. x


Catherine x


Garden Girl said...

Hi Catherine, your little angels are so cute!! (and very impish looking, full of mischieviousness!) Very odd that you want to swap your poang chair for a comfy armchair- I said the very same thing in my meeting this morning!(we get no work done)have a vendor who is moving to France and said to a colleague to ask him if I can buy his lovely cream armchair to replace my Ikea one! I do find it comfy ish but want a big curly up armchair to snuggle into.Have had gypsy tart before and it is great, but as you say very very sweet- hope you have a lovely weekend and those bruises clear up!xxx

Kitty said...

I know that heart in mouth moment when you hear the crash and following cries - it's awful isn't it? :-(

I'm definitely going to have a go at that tart - thanks for the recipe. x

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Oh my so much lovely-ness

julia said...

Those two are soooo cute!
Jack's friend once managed to pill a full chest of drawers over, that was a bit of a shock!
Hope they're over the chair incident.
Happy birthday to your Grandad by the way, bet he enjoyed the cake.
I've emailed you about the birds, let me know.
Have a lovely weekend.
Julia xx

tess said...

that indoor picnic looks so much fun, and perfect weather everytime!!

Sophie Stansfield said...

My nose was hurting in sympathy! and those wooden hearts are adorable - what a fantastic idea!

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Hi Catherine,
Gypsy pie looks lovely and sweet is the best!. The pictures of your two little girls are so cute , they are just like little munchkins, those lovely big eyes. I know when Lewis was naughty when he was about 4 , he would look at me with these huge eyes and sometimes I would just burst out laughing as I would be about to tell him off!and see those big eyes. He has been naughty since 4 as well!It was just at that age he would look up with these huge saucer eyeys!. When they are little like your two are , sometimes I think they dont always know what they are doing is naughty(yes & no !), at Lewis age he knows!..
I bet they love all your pretty coloured craft things, I am surprised they havent taken over your business with there paint brushes!!. I expect they try !
have a good weekend x Dominique

Ragged Roses said...

Love those little hearts Catherine. I'm very tempted by the Gypsy Tart but M has just come home with a bag full of blueberry muffins that have to be scoffed first! Your girls look gorgeous in the photos. Take care

saraeden said...

Thank you soooo much for your kind words , i really do appreciate it !!

Especially with what i found on ebay !!

Thank you thank you thank you x x

Perfectly Lovely said...

Oh hunny, What a day you long as the girls are all in one piece!..They both look so cute in the pics, almost as scrummy as that pie!!
Jen xxx