Monday, 31 March 2008

Birthday cakes, tears and tantrums.

It was a funny sort of week just gone by, Daisy's 2nd birthday wasn't her best. All though it was full of lovely presents, cakes, kisses and pretty things, she wasn't her happy bouncy self. There was a nasty bug lurking around in her little belly. And it made her all sickie.
We did enjoy a nice birthday treat over their Great Grannies, with a yummy strawberry cream gateau and 2 candles to blow out.
Big sis Molly helped. Thank you Granny you made it a lovely visit.
The birthday girl opening some presents, a cute plate and bowl set from her big sister Jade. (look in the back ground). Thanks honey she loves them and they are in use every meal time now.
And a here she is opening a tea shop with little people, cakes and delivery van. Very sweet from the ELC. We got her some set of farm animal's too. Not sure who likes it most, Daisy or Molly lol they do play with it together so that's a good thing.
I was going to make Daisy a lovely big Easter cake and birthday cake all in one but with her being unwell, I rustled up some cupcakes filled with raspberry jam and topped with butter icing. And popped some cute little Easter candles on top. The sad thing is we never got to light them or have any because after a trip to Monkey Biz where Daisy got into a fight with a little boy (she stands up for herself and gave him as good she got) lol we left and got some BK for tea, by the time we came home Daisy was all tuckered out and fast asleep. And she slept until the next day. So birthday cupcakes where packed up and taken with us to Grandma's in Cheltenham.
After a long journey and more sick in the car yuk! the girls where happy to be at Grandma's and play with their cousin Ava. Although Daisy still wasn't herself and didn't want anything to eat and this went on until Saturday. Poor little thing just moaned and cried all day long. The weather just poured and poured which seemed to make everything feel twice as bad :(
I did manage to pop out with Molly and hand deliver an order for my favourite shop in Cheltenham if you haven't already pop and have a look at her gorgeous website, she hand makes all her items and has her very own fabrics. It was lovely to see Penelope again and I couldn't leave without buying a little something, I'd spend hours in there looking from floor to ceiling at all the pretty items she has for sale. Molly liked it too and played while I court up with my good friend. Well worth a visit if your ever in that area.
After a yummy and well needed pizza for tea the family all sat and chatted. And with Molly and Daisy off to bed, we watched Casualty. Ben and his Mum court up over the washing up and I sat and watched some film with Russell Crow in and enjoyed a naughty Baileys hmmm yum!
Losing that hour on Saturday night made it hard work getting up on Sunday but didn't seem to make any difference to Molly who was as bright as a button. And enjoyed some Mummy time on her own, while Daddy and Daisy still slept.
A nice family meal planned in a pub was the last thing I thought Daisy needed so I told everyone else to go and have a good time and I'd stay at home and take care of the little one. And things started to look better as she began to eat again and even had room for her much waited for birthday cupcake. Big blow little flower, wish for all those nasty bugs to go and stay away.

Luckily for us the wish fairy was listening and by the time we got home that night Daisy was getting back to her old happy, smiley, chatty self. Thank goodness for that. I hate it then my babies are ill and I don't know how to make it any better. There must be something going around I just hope it's the last we've seen of it.
And that her next birthday is a better one.
Thanks to Ben's Mum Vivien for having us all and can't wait to come up and stay again soon. x
Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes, you are all so very sweet. x
Hope everyone had a good weekend and that none of you or loved ones are suffering with this sickie bug. It needs a big boot to squash it lol splat!
Catherine x


tess said...

oh I'm glad she's feeling better!

VA Boutique said...

Aahhhh poor little poppet, what a shame being poorly on her birthday.
Hope she is lots and lots better now.
love Alison x

Kitty said...

Awww, being poorly on your birthday is no fun :-( I have my tiddler off school at the moment - he hasn't been sick but is very droopy and not himself at all. As you say - there are so many bugs around.


April said...

It's horrid when they're sick - glad she's feeling better

April xx

Things Hand Made said...

Sounds like a busy time, hope she is all better now.

Garden Girl said...

Poor little Daisy, sounds horrid! I keep meaning to visit that shop, think you have mentioned it before and its only 20 minutes down the road from here, I will soon, promise!!
Love your birthday bunting!x

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

I am so glad daisy is feeling better , that last photo is so sweet ( they all are!)she looks all dreamy while eating that yummy cake and deep in thought . It is horrible when the little ones are ill, you just want them to get back to there annoying selves ! dont you?!. It is the only time my little boy is quiet .

take care x Dom

Curlew Country said...

What a shame, little petal. Glad she's on the mend though. Wish someone would make cupcakes for me! What a smashing mummy you are.
P.s. I had a Baileys Easter Egg - unbelieveably good!

julia said...

Poor little thing, not the best way to spend your birthday! Glad to hear she's on the mend though. Sorry to have missed you this time, we weren't here this weekend, let me know when you're next here.
Julia x

Claire said...

Oh dear, not a great way to celebrate being 2, bless her! She looks so adorable and you made the room look lovely for her birthday! I love the candles and I actually thing its a great idea to put them individually onto the cakes!...Claire xx

Miss sew n sew said...

You feel helpless when little ones are poorly. I love the first cupcake pic so sweet. Hope she's back her usual self there's been nasty bugs lurking around here too.