Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Easter fun down on the farm and a little bit of chocolate.

What a funny Easter we've all had. Some had snow and others had thunder and rain. I think we had a bit of everything. But it didn't spoil our day out at the Rare breeds farm on Good Friday.
I'll start with our yummy Easter cupcakes and pretty tulips and daffs. Even though Spring wasn't with us over Easter we had a little piece of it indoors on the table.
Luckly on good Friday it wasn't that bad a little nippy and windy but we where ready for that. Wrapped up in warm old coats, hats, scarves, gloves and wellies, off we went to Ashford's rare breeds farm.
We'd love one of these in the garden, it would have to be pink and the chickens speckled and brown hens lol (man I'm fussy). These little white hens where happy enough and Molly had them walking up and down after her hehe! She's just as chicken mad as I am.
Look at this cute lamb, they all looked like they've got pink ear rings. And some of them where sprayed so much that their fur had turned pink too. I was horse with all the Awww coming out of my mouth, so much cuteness in one place hehe!
The donkeys are a little camera shy and wouldn't look up from the food. And who can blame them. Pose or eat? which would you choose?
We took the girls into the barn for the Easter bunny hunt and look what was inside there. The smallest, softest bundle's of fluff ever. I wanted to bring them all home but I think the cats would of thought they where their Easter presents.
After walking around the maze coming out with straw in our hair and 2 happy girls, 10 bunnies and their names found.
We went back to another barn for a cuddle and stroke of some animals.
Molly liked this goat which was nearly as big as her.
I loved this chicken and cooed at it. Not sure what I said in chicken language but she seemed to like me hehe!
Daisy just couldn't make her mind up which animal to stroke first and I think she went around them all lol
After all this cuteness it was time for the pig racing and we made our way to the field armed with 2 hot chocolates, flapjacks and cookies, yum! I'll pop the pig video on another post. It was very funny but we only got a bit of it. I didn't know pigs could run so fast and the children bringing them back down the other side was funny to see. One pig had a boy over in the mud lol The red coloured pig was the winner, we didn't have a bet it was just fun to watch.

The girls are happy eating their reward for finding all the bunnies in the Easter hunt. Yummy chocolate bunnies. Their favourite sort of bunny hehe! Wow! I've said bunny so many times in the post, sorry I must be bunny crazy lol
A great end to a lovely day. On the way home we got a tasty fish and chips dinner and that's when we saw the first of the snow, it just came out of nowhere. And stayed with us until the next day. Thankfully on Saturday we went to Bluewater and was nice warm and dry in there.

A lazy Easter Sunday with lots of tea, coffee, cakes, chocolate and telly. And Monday a quick trip out to Pets at home and Toys R us, then home for a nice roast. Lots more flurries of snow. Came to us but it didn't bother us. How was the weather for all of you? I hope you where safe and warm and had a great Easter break.


Catherine x


Kitty said...

Lovely pictures - thanks for sharing. My favourite is the one of Molly and the goat. x

Curlew Country said...

Oh what a smashing weekend. Kids love a farm don't they, fun for everyone too. Could you have taken any cuter pictures! So sweet. And fish and chips, roasts and chocs to round it off. Lovely, lovely.
So glad you popped by Tess' Etsy site.
Have a warmer week!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Lovely pics, looks a lot like Easter!

Miss sew n sew said...

Your Easter weekend looks lovely Molly and Daisy look like their having a great time the pig racing sounds fun will look out for the video. It snowed at our house too hope the sun comes out for us all this weekend!

Ally Jay said...

Animals and children, I don't who ever said they were a bad combination. I think they work together just fine.

tess said...

looks like you had a really gorgeous day!!!

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Hi catherine, It looks like you all had a fab time at the rare breeds farm. I bet the little girlies loved it.
You will have to read my blog post from yesterday as it is about the egloos and the chicken fund! Amber & lewis are saving for the pink one. We are hoping the summertime!.
We are quite excited about the prospect of chickens.
take care x Dom