Sunday, 6 July 2008

Calling all you lovely ladies out there...

I'm after some help, we're off to Featherdown farm soon for a lovely family holiday and I'm after one of these gorgeous eiderdowns that you all seem to be lucky enough to own. I've been to a few boot fairs and charity shops but no luck in finding one. And not even a sniff on flaming Ebay, they are all so expensive on there and in other shops.
So please, please if any of you have a less than favourite one you'd be happy to part with or if you see one at a boot fair for a fiver or so, you'd make me the happiest Miss Cupcake in the world.

There's a £20 voucher to spend on my website as payment and the cost of the postage for sending it to me. Just let me know how much.

If this sounds like a nice offer and you can help, hop on and leave me a comment. x

Photos above are just a few of the pretty ones I've seen out there and love the colours in them, pinks, reds, duck egg blues and greens. All faded and ready for snuggles under, in our cosy tent.
Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from anyone that can help. And all of your lovely general comments. I'm still on the playgroup trail and am looking at a couple this week. Fingers crossed, miss Molly will be settled very soon. I've also found a lovely little group to take Daisy too on a Monday morning. And I can stay and play too lol

Many hugs.

Catherine x


VA Boutique said...

Ooohh I hope someone can spare one for you. I never seem to find them either or they are about £100!!!
Love Alison x

Claire said...

I hope you can too, why are they so expensive?? Feather Down farm looks like a fab place to visit!
Just to let you know your goodies have left the building!! Claire xx

Garden Girl said...

I wish I could help out sweetie, they are something Ihave been on the hunt for ages for as well. I ended up blowing the budget on a CK one last year in the sale-a thing of beauty but would still love a vintage one, all soft, faded and lovely. I wish you lots of luck. You will have SUCH a fabulous time at Featherdown, believe me, eiderdown or not! The little cupcakes will love it, and sleep so well after all of that fresh air. I can't wait to hear all about your trip and see your photos!x

Claire said...

Hi, not sure if this will be suitable but I was in Laura Ashley yesterday and they had a throw come blanket which was very pretty reduced to £40, it will probably be on the internet for you to look at, it was pink with little blue flowers on.

jessica daisy said...

Hi Catherine, I may have an eiderdown that you might be interested in, I bought it for my sofa in the living room last year, but my husband is a allergic to the feathers in it, so I can only use it in the spare bedroom, and I already have two in there! So for a while it has been hanging on the banisters in on the stairs. It is not in perfect condition , it has some tiny holes near the corners, most of which I have mended, but some still there, and the satin ruffle trim is damaged in places. It is quite faded, but has a beautiful blue, pink and yellow rose paisley design, (very similar to the second one down in your second photo) with a lilac satin ruffle trim, and although it's no longer super plump, it is has a decent amount of feathers.
I have taken some photos if you want me to email them to you. I was going to sell it in my shop for £40 , but you are welcome to have it for £30 inc P+P if you would like it.
Let me know what you think

Katie twinkles said...


Well I do not have one of those feather eiderdowns I regret to say. I was still sleeping under them until I was in my twenties having has them all through childhood, but alas, I do not know where the last one went?
I love all things cupcakey and know tracy through her shop which I miss sooo much. It was so dreamy and nostalgic.
I look forward to reading more of your blog.

claire Maraldo said...

Hi Catherine,

I've phoned you but you may have gone on your hols already but I've got a pretty one you can have. it's sitting in the spare room trying to avoid having some horrible cat chucking up a huge hairball on to it. So i think it needs you to rescue it.

One condition, you HAVE to do the task I have tagged you with. It's a good one!

Anonymous said...

thanks for Dani's card. she has had great day and spent £100.00 lucky girl.she got such lovely outfits and she doesn't seem so little now.

OhSoVintage said...

I hope your longing for a vintage eiderdown has now been satisfied. There are so many of us who also love these eiderdowns and are loath to part with them. I think the chances of finding one at a car boot are fairly slim, too many people know how collectable they are.

April said...

Hi Catherine

Just wanted to let you know that I've left you an award on my blog!

April xx

Carol said...

Featherdown Farm...wonderful I would love to go to one someday...they look brilliant. I guess you will be needing that quilt..the evenings are getting quite cold.
Have a lovely time...oh and I toownat one of those lovely pink eiderdowns...Cx

Ragged Roses said...

Catherine if I find one, it's yours I promise! We went to London today on the train and as the train was pulling out of the station I saw one on top of a car at the car boot, I had to be physically restrained! Good luck in your quest, I'll let you know if I find anything

pinkgreen said...

Can't help you with the eiderdown quest I'm afraid, but good luck finding one. Hope you have a lovely holiday eiderdown or no eiderdown! I have emailed you 3 times re your giveaway but think I am having email trouble. I have tried today from my other email address - please let me know if you receive it.
Cathy XX

Miss sew n sew said...

Have a wonderful holiday at feather down farm it looks like a wonderful place I'm sure your little ones are going to be in their element looking forward to hearing all about it. Sorry no use on the eiderdown hope you get one they seem to be like gold dust where I live too.

Unknown said...

It seems like I have seen these at Target. I didn't catch where you were from but if you have heard of Target or get on the website then you might find one there. Good luck! Daisy~

Perfectly Lovely said...

good luck finding your dream eiderdown hunny!
I wish I could find one at a carboot!...that seems impossible now.

Good luck sweetie xx

p.s; of course you can send me a price list.

JuicyFig said...

I am constantly on the look out for one as well - I may end up making my own with an old feather duvet...perhaps...hehehe


Brierley + Clover said...

There aren't too many of those gorgeous eiderdowns in my neck of the woods either - I'm not the only one hunting for them anymore. Hope you found something lovely to pop on your bed!