Friday, 25 July 2008

I seen to have lost a few days...

Sorry it's a while, I just don't know where that week went. If any of you find some extra days floating about pop them in an envelope and post them back to me lol

Thank you for all the good luck comments, it was indeed a lovely and day. Full of lots of sales, organic carrot cake, smiles, laughter and bright sunshine.

Claire had her stall right next to me so we chatted and laughed all afternoon. And worked together with the customers lol sending them to one an others stalls. I'm sure we got more sales that way. And it's nice to help each other.

Ben and the girls enjoyed themselves, going off on the tractor ride, eating cakes and sausages in buns and lots of running around the farm lol Jade helped pack any sales I had and even sold a few bits all on her own. Thanks sweetie, it was fun.

I just wanted to show you the new egg cups I've been working on, I'm hoping they look like dotty duck or chicken eggs. What do you think?

Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful weather we're having, is it safe to say that Summer's here!

I'll have lots of posts over the next few days, as we've been out to a beautiful garden and have loads of photos to show. And also had fabulous family staying with us this weekend. And we went off out to the Rare Breeds Farm so I have lots to share with you all. Yesterday saw us all resting and a little playing on Camber sands beach. Oh and getting stuck in a car park full of pebbles lol

I'll tell all soon.

Many thanks again for all your lovely support, your all lovely ladies x x x


Catherine x


Gem said...

Your stall looks fab, lots of enticing goodies :) I'm glad you had a good day x

Garden Girl said...

Your stall looks BEAUTIFUL! Love all that bunting-did you make the little blackboard signs as well?x

Kitty said...

Well done on the stall - mind you, I'm not surprised it went well, your stall looks lovely. x

Just Original said...

Your stall looked great, glad you had lots of sales. Everyone in bloggy land including myself have had some very quiet shows so well done you!

Looking forward to the photo's.

Perthshire was lovely well worth a visit for a holiday, we loved the Beatrix Potter exhibit. Little dear is loving the 'Miss Potter' at the moment!

Vanessa x

Things Hand Made said...

The table looks fab, glad it went well.

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

its so good when it all goes well...well done you

Ally Jay said...

Loving all the goodies, especially the egg cups. Didn't find any spare days but if you want, I have a copy of Lollipop Shoes I'd be more than happy to send to you.

julie said...

the stall looked great, hope you sold lots of things and had a really great day, I remember taking my girls to the rare breeds and of course Camber when we lived in England we had great times. Looking forward to your piccies

jules x

VA Boutique said...

Glad you had a fab time, your stall looks so cute, lots of loveliness.
Love Alison x