Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Ready, Steady, Swap!!!

Mollycupcakes first ever Heart Swap 10/03/09

Today's the day, I sat down and sorted out all you lovely ladies into your swapping pairs.

I really hope you all enjoy doing this swap because as it's my first ever to organise, I'm a little nervous. But here goes.

Just email one another for each others details, and away you go. 6 or more heart items, handmade, found, bought or given it's up to you. Just enjoy yourselves.


Sam - Silkie Sue & Ruth - Tip Top Toppers Things

Jenny - Jenny Flower & Sarah S - Molly and Izzie

Taz - Ratbag & Steph - Mad Mummy

Kirsty - Ruby's Mamma Made It & Vanessa - Just Original

April - Cake Makes The World A Better Place & Jennifer K - Gingerbread House

Tracy - Cupcakes At Home & Victoria - Victoria Plum's Homegrown Blog

Jayne - Cupcake Fantasy & Alex - Pink Feather Paradise

Lissy Lou - Lissy Lou And The 2 Little Boys & Rachel - Contented

Sarah - The Blueberry Patch & Em - Sew Recycled

Natalie - Summer By The Sea & Gemma - Deravelled

Lyns - The Gift Tree & Jacqui - jacquimcroberts@blueyonder.co.uk

Rosemary - Blue Sky & Wendy - Wendster's Blog

Beki - Ramblings Of An Everyday Mummy & Leah - Sew To Bed

Sharon - Clover Cottage or The Crafty Trundler & Claire - Dolly Dollop

Gillian - Fabric Nation & Lisa - Vintage Girl

Sarah - Miss Sew n Sew & Me - Mollycupcakes lol sorry honey you got stuck with little old me. x

And a newbie popped in just at the last minute, welcome sweetie, Kate Emily Pickle - Material Addict you have to swap with me too - Mollycupcakes wow I'm gonna be busy lol

Yeay! i did it and it only took 2 hours to complete lol I'm really looking forward to seeing all the lovely heart goodies and hearing how you all got on. If anyone has any problems, please just email me and I'll see if i can help.

Now how long do you all need? I thought a couple of weeks, say post it all by or on the 24th March.

Now go forth my good ladies and knit, sew, bake, make and just create.

Big hugs,


jennyflowerblue said...

Thanks, can't wait! xxx

April said...

Thanks sweetie - well done on organising! Can't wait to get started!

April xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for letting me play too, I am looking forward to this! Kate x

Thecraftytrundler said...

That's great Catherine!! I will be getting busy, and Heartistic!! (lol!) now : )

Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

Taz said...

Me and Steph have been partnered over on FairieNuff's spring swap too. :D Seems we must be a great match.

Taz said...

It's cool :) I'm looking forward to getting to know Steph and I hope she likes my crafty creations.

Fabric Nation said...

This is going to be fun! Thanks for organising g x

Lynsey said...

Fab! I can't wait!! Thank you for your time and effort xxx

Ragged Roses said...

Wow what a lot of people taking part, I can't wait to see all the beautiful heart results! Well done you for organising such a huge swap

Tracy x said...

eeekkk - must get busy :)
well done you x
t x

JacquiMcR said...

Am really looking forward to this and have already had a lovely email from my swap partner. Who knows I might even have a new blog up and running (if I remember how!!) Good luck with the crafting ladies - jacqui x

Miss sew n sew said...

Just seen I'm with you hee hee! Looking forward to seeing everyones swaps well done for sorting it thanks Catherine.

Victoria Plum said...

Well done for organising ... I'd better get my (heart shaped) thinking cap on!

Fabric Nation said...

swapers might like this flickr group... http://www.flickr.com/groups/i_see_hearts/

A Farmers Wife said...

I Catherine, hope you can help, ive tried to contact my swap partner=Vanessa at Just Original but to no avail, i cant email her as it only gives the option of a linked one through outlook which i dont have, and ive left her aa comment on one of her posts but heard nothing back, she hasnt tried to contact me in any way so far...any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Kirsty xxxxxxxx

Tip Top said...

Who-hooo! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


Anonymous said...