Monday, 16 March 2009

Red Noses All Round lol

Wow well done to everyone that dug into their pockets, wallets and purses you help raise an amazing record breaking £59,187,065. Now that's going to change some life's, weather it's here or Africa. It shows that we can make a difference.

Because of this i will be leaving the date open for the white and dotty red pegs until the end of April and for every pack sold, I'll donate £1.10 to comic relief. Because my passion is for getting all those families covered and safe from Mozzies with the nets, we can't wipe out Malaria, not yet! but we can stop it from killing so many.

In the cupcake house we enjoyed watching the fun and joined in. It was good to see the lighter side and find out first hand how Red Nose Day really does help. Thank you for all your lovely kind messages of support and to those of you that have picked up a pack of red dotty pegs.
We did something funny for money x x x
On to Saturday, Jade and i went off to the Country Living fair in London, no photos Mr Ben took it with him because he had much nicer photos to take than us lol

Just look at these cuties awww it was lambing weekend at the Hadlow farming collage and the cupcakes loved it. Cute fluffy lambs, chicks, goats and even bunnies. SO many awww's i could run out of w's lol

My fabulous little Granny was also there helping out on a RSPCA stall run by my uncle. She is nearly 100% now after her spell in hospital and nurses at home treatment. The abscess is nearly gone and she'll be fighting fit for Daisy's Easter birthday party at the the end of this month yeay!
She truly thanks you all for the lovely kind comments you left for her to read. That, the wonderful nurses, us and the rest of the family have got her through everyday and back to her bouncy 88 year old self. Love you Granny x
More fun on the farm but this time on the pay as you ride sort of animal lol Daisy looks so sweet on that deer, it reminds me of the ones we used to have on top of our Christmas cake.

And Molly's horse is smiling nearly as much as she is lol
Well Daddy for giving the cupcakes a fabulous day out, it's one they will remember forever.
Jade and i had a lovely time in London, not getting back so late this time and with money still in our purses.
A few little bits where bought but nothing to break the bank lol sigh! from Ben in the back ground lol
I'll share with you sometime in the week our little Easter treats from the show. I don't think it was as good this year. But i did get to see and smell the wonderful David Austin roses, I'd like as our wedding flowers, wow
I hope you all had a nice weekend and the sun shone for you.
Also has everyone got in contact with their heart swap partners? any problems just email me and I'll see if i can help. Happy swapping.


Beki said...

Hi honey

Just put in my order and sent you an email!

Beki xxx

saraeden said...

Lovely photo's honey !!!

The cake came from tesco's not my fave shop but its the only one we have close by !!!
And don't worry you haven't missed the bunting giveaway its still open for another day or so x x

Sara x

madmummy said...

What fun you have been having!!
xxx Steph
ps glad to hear little granny is back to 'normal'!!! x

Wendster said...

Hi Catherine!

I just took my blog private but want you to be able to see it ... and anyone else who wants to come over, of course ... I'm adding you to my list of "allowed" readers and would be happy to add anyone else who wants to visit. Just shoot me an e mail at

There was an issue I just had to deal with so I felt private was the best option. I hate to close my door. I love visitors more than you know. sigh!


p.s. I had better hurry and send blue sky those hearts for the swap! Oh my!

Unknown said...

Oh, fantastic, Catherine - I need some red I should pick up the comic relief ones at the same time, right? Great!!!

Miss sew n sew said...

Hi Catherine

Aww happy times!!
Been busy getting ready for our heart swap. I LOVE my pegs hope you got my email.