Thursday, 2 July 2009

Just carrying on with life.

Meet my two star helpers on Saturday, they got up at silly O' clock, came down the town and helped me set up the stall. Then smiled, chatted and got customers interest. The biggest thank you to you both. I love you for looking after me, helping and getting me through.

I was really happy with how the stall looked this time, i think because i didn't rush and having 3 pairs of eyes to look at it, we could see where things needed tweaking. It was very colourful and pink! lol

Thank you Jade you're not just my beautiful daugther, you are my best friend too. And always ready with the biggest hugs. oxo

Saturday was a good day and i did really well. I'm now looking forward to the next fair, which will be 25th July @ Luddesdown Organic Farm please follow the link for details. Hope to see you there.
It's been a tuff few days and i know it's not over yet. But this beautiful man of mine keeps me sane, strong and focused. Love you Ben more than words could ever say.

Miss Molly and Miss Daisy keep going from the first bounce on the bed to the last night night kiss at bedtime. Love you cupcakes. Don't worry Mummy and Daddy will sort out this mess and life will be calm again. (And yes your toys will move with us) LOL
Calm it was not here in Longley Road Kent. The most amazing thunder storm and flash rain coursed this to happen at the end of the road. Our drains just couldn't cope and water rose up past the little lads knees lol he was more than happy to run into it and splash around. Funny because me being a cat in a former life hehe! was up on my paws, keeping well away from it. lol
As soon as it came it was gone and drained away. But wow it was scary, i said to Ben shouldn't we be thinking about moving things upstairs. If it hadn't of stopped raining, then i think we might of had too. A couple of hours after the down pour and the sun was shining and you'd never of known anything had happened, apart from all the leafs, twigs and rubbish in the gutters. Whats going on with the weather?
Fingers crossed the sun shines for a while longer. The cupcake house is having a well earned mini break Booked before the bomb shell last week and needed even more so now. We're just going to forget it all and relax. Coming back fresh and ready for anything.
Thank you again for all your love and support.
Back soon.
Hugs x


Bobo Bun said...

Just read back as I'm catching up with bloggy reading. Stall looks great Catherine. Shock news, it will be fine and sorted I'm sure. I bet the new house will feel so perfect you'll look back and be so glad it happened.


Lisa x

Shsjndkdns said...

Your stall looks lovely Catherine, I love the bunting :) I hope things are on the up for you. Have a lovely break next week xx Gem

marble rose said...

Such pretty stall - weldone you - and weldone for keeping your chin up. I know very well what being given 2 months notice is like - it's awful - 2 times in 2 years with 3 children! The day we moved in here, 2 months ago, I found out my ex landlord had changed their mind and put our old house up for rent again (cheaper!) - I could have died - I was devastated - but now, we have a lovely landlord and are blissfully happy again. It's people not places isn't it?

Take care


Mary Poppins said...

Big hugs for you Catherine, I have been out of the blogging thing for a little while and am playing catch up.

I cannot imaging what you are going through. Though wise words when one door closes one more opens.

Youe stall looks sooooo pretty I wish I was there, I love your pretty things, I must have a good look at your website, I have a little man in my house's birthday coming up and want to find something pretty for him :)

Love and more hugs



April said...

Enjoy your break sweetie - have fun and take care


April xx

{Love, Love, Love} said...

(((Big hugs)))! I am sure that you will get everything sorted out and back to a new normal soon. THe stall looks super! x

Laura said...

Such a sweet stall and I'm sending you a hug and a smile. Hope you are ok.

Rubyred said...

Hi Caterine, you stall looks gorgeous, hope yo're feeling abit better this week.Enjoy your break!
Rachel x