Sunday, 5 July 2009

R & R

It's late and i really should be getting some of this zzzzz but here i am doing a post because it's one of the best relaxing past times i have.
After having a bit of a sort out in my studio cupboard, i came across this little bundle of Laura Ashley fairy fabric, it's in all sizes and there are 4 pieces of it. As well as (if you see below) a brown paper bag full of different coloured cotton tread. Mostly made in England.

I'd like to give them away, but thought I'd make it a little bit of fun too. So the first person that can guess which is my favourite cuppa coffee will get the bundle popped in the post to them along with a little extra treat.
Good luck ladies and thank you again for all the love and support you are all giving me and the cupcakes household. Everyone of you mean the world. We're no where near to sorting this nightmare but we will sort it together and make good of it.
I'll run this for a week, so back here with the winner next Sunday and also my 2nd year giveaway winners, Molly and Daisy have picked them out. But sorry no time to sort out photos tonight.
Right I'm off for some well earned R & R.
Sweet dreams and hugs,


julie said...

hi catherine, hope your nightmare starts to end very soon. I think maybe your fav coffee is a chocolate latte
love jules x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Wishing all the c--p comes to an end soon, and you can get on with enjoying things!
I think you would like a Gingerbread Latte!
Hugs & good luck to you all : )

Sharon xx

Summer Blue said...

Hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream and dotted with pink marshmallows in the style of Mollycupcakes!
Love the stall Catherine, it looked fab and so pleased you did well.
Loving how little granny is fast becoming the pin up lady of blogland!! Your blog wouldn't be the same without her making an appearance every now and again. She really needs an apron made up with "Granny Cupcakes" printed on the front!!
Jane. x

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Keep smiling (well, keep trying to!)x
I think that your favourite would be a latte with loads of chocolate and maybe even some whipped cream on top too! x

renaissance said...

New to your blog but wanted to leave a comment wishing you lots of luck during this time.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Everything happens for a reason, so just try to see the good that might come from this upheaval... chin up my dear and big hugs for the next chapter...

I think you are a mocha kinda gal with chocolate sprinkled on top...

x Alex

madmummy said...

A chococino with a yummy chocolate cupcake, delicious!!
xxx Steph

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Catherine, just popped over to catch up with you and have been reading about the bad time you have been having, thinking of you babe. x

memory-scrap said...

Hello I'm new to the blog world and I came across yours through a link from somebody elses page. I'm sorry to hear of your bad news, I hope things are looking up.. and if I ere you I think I would be drinking a lovely Latte with a little tipple of Baileys and choolate sprinkled on top!
Jane x

Garden Girl said...

Now I should know this, having made one for you! Alas, my memory may be fading though...Is it a Vanilla Latte? (fingers crossed!)
Keep smiling sweetie xxx

April said...

Hi Catherine - cute photo!

I think your favourite is a mocha - the mixture of coffee and chocolate!

April xx

Summer Blue said...

I really do think that Garden Girl should be disqualified for having inside knowledge LOL........
Jane. x

Poppy said...

I wish you and the cupcakes some good news about your new home, its good you have got a lovely family.
I’m sure there is a lovely cupcake house out there for you and your family.

Love Lou xxx

Tina said...

Hi Catherine,
Hope everything get sorted soon.
I will guess you are a cappuccino lover.
Lots of hugs. x

Moe said...

Hi There i think your fav coffee would be a chocolate caramel latte and would love to be included in the hat for your giveaway! I hope things will work out for you soon almost always things work out for the better, heres hoping
Moe x

Curlew Country said...

Oh Catherine what a dreadfully, rotten time! Horrid luck, do hope your dad gets some great specialist support (there really is some fantastic help out there for all your family). Hope the house situation gets better very, very quickly. You're doing a great job bearing up.

Take care of yourself whilst you're looking after everyone else.
Much love

Dinahsoar said...

My guess is either the first one in the morning or the one you happen to be drinking. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...