Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Here come the girls!

LOL these naughty little bunnies are showing you their cute dotty frilly knickers just because they are soo cute. I want a pair, i think I'd look them lol They have arrived at just in time for Christmas and would be a lovely little stocking filler.

Pretty floral dress bunny with peachy pink dotty knickers £13.65 + £1.28 P&P ONE IN STOCK Sorry she's been sold xxx

Pink frilly dots and stripes bunny with cream and pink dotty knickers £13.65 + £1.28 P&P TWO IN STOCK
And blue stripy dress bunny with cream and orange dotty knickers £13.65 + £1.28 P&P ONE IN STOCK
All bunny sizes are approx 33cm high.
Don't forget a bunnies not just for Christmas but forever x
If anyone would like one of these little cuties please email me or pop on over the Mollycupcakes, you might find something else to go with it. I do also have some red dotty dressed bunnies which are available on line. They are very Christmasy.
Other new and exciting things to arrive this month is this beautiful hand embroidered needle case by my good friend Sally.
Checkout Sally's sewing room for more lovely items coming soon, like handbags, pin cushions and my very own Mollycupcakes tote bag. We just have to photograph them first lol you know how it is, good weather needed and the skies have been to grey of late. Sigh!
These yummy looking felt cupcakes have been made by little old me and smell as good as they look. I've popped some organic mixed spices in the wadding and the scrummy smell of baking gets released each time you pick one up or give them a squeeze. They idea as a pin cushion (photoed without pins sorry) or make great play food for all those little ones, pick a few up and buy one of my children's baking sets to go with them. The perfect Christmas gift for all ages.
Cupcake pin cushions £3.50 each.
And play food cupcakes £2.75 each. Choose from 3 different icing colours bubblegum, baby pink or good old fashioned white.
Oh my goodness, this has been a shameless promotion post for my little business. Please forgive me but with the big C fast approaching every penny and customer count. I hope you've enjoyed some of the new items on offer and that I've given you some ideas for gifts.
Thanks for reading, back soon with news of a coffee/open morning at the Cupcakes house where some of the money raised will go to this lovely charity Saturation Trust please click the link to find out more.


Dotty said...

oh i do love those bunnies with their frilly knickers !!

Claire said...

Hiya thanks for the lovely welcome back, its about time I got back into the world of blogging! Those bunnies are adorable, how cute are their frilly knickers! Claire x

Cecilia - Titi said...

I love bunnies are adorable, I love your blog.
Titi from Chile

Summer Blue said...

Love the bunnies, they're gorgeous, must be a struggle to wrap them up and send them off to people!
Hope you're all settled in your new home now and that Molly is enjoying big school.
Take care,
Jane. xx

Unknown said...

All so cute but those bunnies are gorgeous !

Sam said...

nothing shameless at all!
They are lovely bunnies - I'm sure you will sell them easily!

Sam x

Katie twinkles said...

hi thanks for visiting! Please come again. those bunnies are lovely. I absolutely love bunnies and have kept them in my garden most of my life except lately xx Maybe a toy one will suffice?