Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lovely Old Stuff

Many thanks for all the lovely comments last week for the coffee morning it was a great success and they raised about £200. Well done to everyone that came to the florist and a big thank you to the lovely staff for making it a fun and very yummy day with all the hand made cakes and tasty coffee.
Did anyone else have a coffee morning? would love to hear about it.

We had a pretty quite Saturday, Ben and Daisy went up the allotment, Ben's not been very well and unable to get up there, so it was good for him to get some fresh clean air in to his lungs and of course Daisy wanted to help her Daddy lol.
Jade was with us this weekend and spent most of it on the computer sourcing info on radio stations, this is something she'd like to do once she's left school, so she spent hours emailing as many as she could. Miss Molly and i took a walk off down the town in the sunshine, dropping off the last of our charity bags and dropping in to Hometown a fab little sewing shop.
It was indeed a nice Saturday.

The following day we picked up little Granny and went off to the vintage fair at Ightham. Look at the lovely old stuff we found lol there was no price on this one, so we just took her with us lol

It was very busy as you can see but it didn't put us off. Elbows at the ready we made our way round all the lovely old buildings full of vintage loveliness and rummaged in every box, nook and cranny.
After a while it got a bit much for Ben and the cupcakes so he took them off to the park for a play. After they'd been treated to pink glitter cupcakes by Granny, sugared up and ready to go lol
Jade and little Granny had a short sit under this pretty Catth Kidston parsol.
I how ever carried on looking and was smitten with this fabulous old bath, just right for some running ducks. The ones in my head for now until we buy a home of our own. Isn't it lovely! I'd have to have the old bucket next to it, something to carry their feed in.
Lots of wonderful finds in the garden area. And great weather for it too, the sun shone on us all.
Here we are looking other the fabulous old farm chairs, oh how i long to own table and chairs like these. One day maybe, one day.
They are all just waiting to be loved again and put to use once more.
LOL this was little Granny when we left the fair, all worn out and knackered after hours of bargain hunting. LOL not really she soon jumped back up again once the camera was turned off. She'll get an Oscar for that performance lol Thanks Granny for being such an amazing woman, you know she's going to be 89 this month wow!
We crossed the road and met up with Ben and the cupcakes, where they'd been playing on the swings.
And slide.
Jade turned in to a monkey and climbed a tree hehe!
Then it was time for a leaf fight, "lets get Daddy" lol After picking leafs from every pocket and pants lol we drove off in to Sevenoaks for some lunch and finished our day with a picnic and more fun in a park. I hope you all had a good weekend. I'll leave you with some photos below of my vintage treasures.
The cutest child's airier, painted pink. I could of just burst when i spotted this little lovely lol and a woman behind me was non to pleased that I'd got it in my arms. And wasn't letting it go. You know what they say. "If you see it, grab it and hold on to it, don't put it down walk away and then regret it"
You know i had this very same ladybird book, it's in perfect condition and Molly loves it. Just right for learning to spell.
The see how to garden is for the very lovely and patient Mr cupcakes, with whom it wouldn't be possible for me to go to these wonderful fairs (i don't drive) So thank you honey for driving us all to it, hope the books full of useful tips, big kiss X
And lastly this tiny birds tin, just to sweet for words.
I really do have to say a big sorry to the lovely ladies waiting for give away gifts and treats, I'm crap i know. It's just been sooo flaming busy here in the cupcake house that time just isn't on my side. I will do my very best to get your goodies out to you over the next week. And please forgive me, i hang my head in shame :(
Big hugs,


JacquiMcR said...

Your granny is a remarkable lady, cherish her and let you know how much she means to you. My dear nana passed away seven weeks ago at the age of 97 and I miss her every hour of every day.

LissyLou said...

looks like you had a great time, and glad the coffee morning went well xx

claire said...

what a great coffee morning total.......The vintage fair sounds great I'm sick with envy over your pink airer :D xxxxxx

VA Boutique said...

£200 amazing!
Aahh what a fantastic sale, look at all that yumminess!
Bless, your granny is the best. I can't believe she is going to be 89!!!
Hope Ben is feeling better.

Summer Blue said...

Catherine, Great to see Granny Cupcakes making an appearance in your blog. I half expected to see her hurtling down the slide with the girls or hanging upside down with Jade!!
Thanks for sharing, I love to see pictures of that wonderful Rectory sale and the airer is FAB.
Take care and enjoy your weekend,
Jane. xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a lovely post!! The coffee morning looked great, and what a good amount you all raised!!
Would have loved to have gone to that vintage fair, and it was great to see Granny cupcakes!!
Love your finds, and I'm sure you'll get your oen place one day soon!!!
Hugs (())

Sharon xx

Madeleine Miranda said...

Looks like you had a lovely time, and the photo of your granny is brilliant :)

Love your blog, I'm now a follower :)