Saturday, 28 November 2009

Coffee at the cupcake house

I'd like to say a very big thank you to everyone that made it to my coffee morning. I was touched by how many of you came along and bought something. A couple of friends fell ill, one went off to Cumbria to help victim's of the floods sort their homes out and I myself wasn't feeling the best (more about that in a while). But everyone that turned up made me feel 100 times better. There is nothing like having your friends around you and even better when the bring cake and gifts lol (thanks Ali, Tracy and Steph). I held a pop your name in the pink pot for a £1 and win a prize. And we raised £10 for the Saturation Trust. Thank you for your kindness, i think I'd like to hold another one next year for Easter. So watch this space lol

Now this is what i looked like last Sunday night when one of my bottom teeth turned on me. An old temporary filling thingy fell out sometime in the week and then got infected. Ouch! leaving me climbing the walls in pain. But i held on in there until Monday morning when i could book into a private clinic. This is why i wasn't feeling my best for the coffee morning, up to my eyes in antibiotics and painkillers lol floating a little.

I've never been a big fan of the dentist, I've had a couple of bad experiences with them and that really puts you off doesn't it!

But lucky for me, i found a very kind and good one. And there is nothing better than hearing from friends about how good they are especially good with scaredie-cats like me. And I'm hoping that the poster below is true lol
It's thanks to a evil hygienist a long time ago that I'm so scared of the metal picker thingy they use to check and scrap away bits from your teeth.

It's funny but this is how i feel sitting in that big chair, very small and scared. I'm just hoping that the floaty, numbing magic stuff they give you takes me off to a happy place when i go back for my double root canal!!! Argh! in a week or so. I do have to think to myself that really it is lucky this has happened now and not over Christmas. I'll have nice shiny happy teeth for that, just wish Santa would pick up the bill for me. (how much!) LOL
Maybe if i sit on his knee and ask him very nicely hehe!

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend, I'll be back with news of the very cold but was still fun farmers market, I went to yesterday. And maybe a few Christmas stock items to show.
Oh click on the NOTHS picture because yeay! I've now gone live.
Keep smiling.
With love,


made with love said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Well done on the cake sale. Also excellent news about NOTHS.
Hope you had a great weekend
Rachael XX

Dinahsoar said...

you poor thing--I know how much it hurts to have an abscess from experience..worst pain ever..and dumb me, out of fear, had the tooth pulled instead of having a root canal--again, because of fear....I've regretted it for the past 30 years. I've since had a root canal and it was a piece of cake..they numb you up, you feel no pain..the hardest part is keeping your mouth open for the procedure, but it's not painful, your jaw just gets tired.

Had I lived nearby--I live in the States--you can bet I'd have been at your coffee and cupcake thing. It was nice of you to do the fundraiser.

Sarah said...

Oh poor you - teeth are a pain aren't they!

What a wonderful idea your coffee morning was and what a good idea to raise some money. The pictures look yummy - lots of nice cakes ad things to eat!

Hope your mouth is feeling better soon =]

x x x

Rubyred said...

So pleased that your event went well! The cakes look lovely! Hope you are feeling a bit better now! When I was 15 the densist slipped and the drill went into the soft bit under my tonge. The dentist was really upset( she was pregnant at the time) I kept reassuring her that it was OK, not to worry I couldn't feel anything( I forgot it was the anaesthetic still working) When it wore off I was in agony for 3 days and it all went black and blue!It gave me a phobia for a while! Her name was Mrs Sweet too! I have a lovely gentle dentist now and it's all fine!
Rachel x

Jennie said...

Hope your tooth is feeling better soon, love your banner of cupcakes, it made me want to go and bake lol xx

VA Boutique said...

Aahhh the coffee morning sounds lovely.
Poor you, hope you are feeling much better now!
Hope you got my e-mail yesterday about your card & gift & thank you soooooo much again for the wonderful surprise.