Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A cold, crisp fair, some vintage loveiness, a bit of Cath and the cupcakes.

I was up bright and early a couple of weekends ago and set off to the Maidstone farmers and craft market. I have to say i really didn't feel the cold until it was time to pack up. All those layers and nice warm scarf did me proud.

I did my best to make my stall look as festive as possible but was sad to not be able to put my mini Christmas lights in my reindeer. It was just to sunny and they didn't show up at all. I shouldn't moan it was nice having some sunshine for a change and brought people out for a bit of Christmas shopping.
My reindeer did look very cute with all his Christmas decorations hanging from his antlers lol and one hung on his tale, court people eyes. hehe cheeky!

My 2 little elves came along for support and went off for a Costa Crème Brûlée Latte to keep my hands warm. But they ended up looking around all the shops (sigh! teenagers lol) and coming back much later on. By which time i was gagging for a hot drink. Anyhoo
Thanks for the help you did give me, especially the 2 sales you did Jade when I'd popped off for a lady break.

My best friend Claire arrived at the same time as me and we went about setting up and bashing bums, because our stalls where so close together. I wouldn't of wanted to rub bottoms with anyone else LOL Thanks for making the day a fun one honey. And making me laugh every time you could hear the banjo player in the band that arrived and deafened us for a while. It was so much fun having to shout at any customers LOL I was so glad when their gazebo blew away and they had to pack up and move LOL I think someone from above must of been listening to us moaning and to how much you hate banjo's. (sorry to any banjo players reading this, i think your all lovely lol). Anyway someone took a big breath and huffed and puffed it down. No one was hurt and not a single egg was cracked, when the gazebo blew away and right into the organic egg stall behind it. Maybe it couldn't take anymore of their playing, like us LOL
It did the trick though and we could once again hear ourselfs think and talk at a normal level.
Doesn't Claire's stall look fabulous. Pop on to her beautiful website for more of her wonderful creations. Ps Banjo playing customers welcome hehe! MadeinPixieland.

While i was out for the day Mr Cupcakes was home with the mini cupcakes and look at their creative table. Lots of fun being had with Daddy.
And here's what they made. Awww i love the ogglie eyes.

Now i said we'd have some vintage loveliness and here it is, (no not Claire lol she's far from vintage lol) but the fabulous old rectory sale, the last one of the year. It was cold but well worth the trip. I got the cute blue handled basket next to Claire on the bench and a vintage pack of Happy Families.

If i didn't have 2 root canals to pay for tomorrow (sigh! £400+) this beautiful dresser would of been coming home with me. And sitting pride and place in our dining room. Oh well maybe next time.
We had a great time and can't wait for the ones next year. Oh god look at my slightly fat face, i was smiling but oh my tooth was hurting. Roll on tomorrow when it will all be done and then next week when it's all filled back in again. New teeth for Christmas lol and not my fronts ones, like in the song. They are ok. Thank you to everyone that's sent me wishes, you've all made me smile.

Talking of smiles, i was beaming when we arrived in Tunbridge Wells for a spot of lunch and popped into the Cath Kidston shop first.

Don't they make the windows look lovely. I'd like that job. This is my favourite one below. The old chair, toastie fire place with hanging stockings, dog bed and slippers and all the sewing and knitting things you could ask for. Heavenly.

Just look at this Christmas table, wouldn't it fab to wake up and find someone had set this lot up for you. No room for the turkey though, but who needs turkey when you've so much prettiness.

We finished the week with TV boxes. How much fun can to cupcakes have with 2 cupboard boxes? Well!
LOTS! lol

Enjoy the week and Ho ho ho everyone, it's nearly Christmas yeay!
This week I'll be 34 argh but I'm really only 29 to anyone that doesn't know me hehe!
With love,


Summer Blue said...

34, a mere babe!! Have a wonderful birthday lovely lady.
What a fabulous fun filled post, lots of goodies to look at. Loving your Elf helpers! I don't know, has Granny Cupcakes been whittling away the hours in New Look again?! Theres just no stopping her is there!
Your stall look fab as did Claires. I wish I lived closer, I'd have popped along to say Hi.
Take care, good luck at the dentist tomorrow.
Jane. xx

VA Boutique said...

Oohhh everything looks like soooo much fun!
Hope your teeth are better very soon sweetie.
Oh & look out for a little something in the post that I posted off to you today!!!

April said...

All looks fab sweetie

Hope the dentist wasn't too painful

Happy Birthday

April xx