Monday, 14 December 2009

So sad to see Stacey go

But wow what a way to go. Singing with Micheal Buble, OMG! I was turned in to a giggling, screaming blushing girl again when he came on the stage lol

Stacey looked like she was having the time of her life. If that was me up there and it was my last night on the Xfactor, that is just how I'd of wanted to go and remember it. Singing my heart out with one of the yummiest men alive.
I want to wish Stacey ever bit of happiness and success and may she give little Zack her son the future she's always dreamed of giving him.
Click the link below to re watch the fabulous pair sing once again.
Congratulations to the lovely Joe that won. You are truly a little star * with a wonderful voice.
Did anyone else get hooked on this program? i love watching the auditions and normally don't bother with the rest of it but this year there was something about it that had me watching every week lol


Rachel M said...

Wasn't it great! I've watched all of the shows this year. It was a pleasure to watch such a lovely group of people enjoying themselves.

Sarah said...

I too was truly hooked =] I think that all three of the finalists could have won and each one of them would have totally deserved it.

I don't think I've ever been quite as 'hooked' as I have been this year (but then I say that every year!).

P.S. Michael Buble turns me into a screaming girl too - he's yummy =]

karenshopes said...

I love Michael Buble too I dont think I could have uttered a note
if I had to sing with him.
He's on my christmas list (literally) lol......

ginny farquhar said...

wow Stacey and Michael's duet was the best of the night in my opinion... such fun and thanks for the links... i have really enjoyed watching that again... the girls and i have really enjoyed the show this year too and as my husband is from the north east then we are really happy that Joe won ... but Olly is great too... now what shall we do on a saturday night?... maybe talk to my man!(who pretends not to enjoy it).
sorry to hear about the root canals... i have had these too ... not fun:(
wishing you a very happy Christmas
warm wishes
ginny x