Saturday, 6 February 2010

60th birthday wishes x

Today my Dad turns 60 so I'm sending him birthday wishes and hoping he has a wonderful.
I don't get to see him that much or my Mum because they both live so far away from me and have new partners and lives. But i think of them each and everyday and hold on tightly to the time i do get to spend with them. Which these days is few and far between. And i wish it could be more times. Cos i miss them more than i let on, only Mr cupcakes truly knows. I don't ever want my cupcakes to feel like i do, i will be near them until I'm old and grey, even it drives them mad lol
No matter how old you get you always need your parents because there is nothing like the loving cuddle from a Mum or Dad, to make things all better again. I'm 34 and go back to being a small girl again when I'm wrapped in either of their arms. It's something I'll never grow out of x
Happy Birthday Daddy.
Love you.


saraeden said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad x x

Sara x

made with love said...

Hope your dad has a lovely birthday. You are right sometimes you just need a cuddle from your mum or dad.
Hope you are feeling better.
Rachael XX

VA Boutique said...

*Happy 60th Birthday to your Dad*

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Happy birthday to your dad... what a lucky girl you are ... I can't remember the last time I had a cuddle from my mum or dad... they are not that way inclined.. lol

anyway I hope you get to see them again soon... x Alex

claire Maraldo said...

Ooo Catherine you were such a cute baby!

and your dad looks fabulously seventies. I bet he is wearing gigantic flares just out of shot!

Unknown said...

Awww so sweet post. My dad's will soon celebrate his 60th birthday in coming month. I think I'm gonna do the same 60th birthday wishes for him too...

Cheers xxxx