Friday, 19 February 2010

Happy 25 years Eastenders.

We all sat on our sofa watching the live show tonight wondering whodunit and what goes and happens? poor old Bradley goes and falls off a flaming roof and Stracey confesses she's the one that killed Archie.
We even watched the aftermath show on bbc3, it was good to se all the old people from years back. I think I've always been a Eastenders fan and remember when Den and Angie ran the pub. It's the one and only soap we watch in the cupcake house, Mr cupcakes always turns to me and says "what times Eastenders on" lol and after looking on his twitter i found out why hehe! keep on twitting Stacey lol

Well done to all the cast, it was a good show. Roll on the next 25 years.

Have a good weekend and thank you for all the get well wishes you've sent me. It's still hanging around and poor Mr cupcakes is having to sleep on the sofa because of my bear like snoring lol But I'm a fighter and won't like it stop me.
With love,

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Pink Feather Paradise said...

I must admit I don't watch soaps... I overheard some work colleagues talking in hte front office once and the happenings they were talking about sounded awful... I remember thinking "oh my goodness what has happened, to their relative" as it turned out they were chatting about the previous nights eastenders and I had a giggle as I walked away... they way they were talking you'd think it was real...

Hope you clear this head cold soon... its still hanging on with me too! :(

x Alex