Saturday, 27 March 2010

It's Daisy time, 4 today yeay!

Happy birthday little Daisy flower, wow 4 years old. It only feels like yesterday i was putting nappies on you and feeding you myself. Now look at you, this year sees you starting big girl school like your sister Molly. And she moves up to year one. Both my little ones not so little anymore boo hoo :(
I hope leaving playgroup won't be to sad for you, i know you're miss auntie Ali and auntie Gail the most. We can pop back to see them when ever you want little lady.
I'm not looking forward to that leaving do, it was hard enough at Molly's. It's a few months for now and you're going to have so much fun.
Today we took Daisy to one of her favourite places, Bager hill farm. And we fed the chickens and ate cream tea, yummy.

But before we left, Daisy blew out her 4 candles on her sheep cake i made.
Bless her she says it's a Timmy one, (for all of you that don't know who Timmy is he's a little lamb with a lot to learn lol) kids program!
Birthday cake for just after breakfast yummy. I wonder what cakes the girls will ask for next. I think I'm setting myself high standards lol
It 20.34 now and Daisy has only just gone off to bed, very excited and full of sugar lol just what 4 year olds should be like. Happy happy birthday little lady, i hope you remember today and cherish the fun we've had. Lots of cards, presents, cake, cuddles and love.
Love you flower x
Mummy, Daddy, Molly and big sister Jade x x x x


Ali said...

Looks like Daisy had a lovely day - that cake looks fab - happy birthday to your little girl xx

made with love said...

Happy birthday sweetiepie. Looks like you all had fun. Love your cake.
Rachael xx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! It was my daughter's 5th birthday today too. I hope you had a lovely day xx

Dinahsoar said...

Very cute cake...sounds like a sweet day as well for the birthday girl and family. Your girls are blessed to have such a good mum.

Jen Walshaw said...

I adore the cake, very cool indeed

VA Boutique said...

*Happy Birthday Daisy*
Hope you had a super duper day!
Lots of love

Kissed by an Angel said...

Happy Birthday Daisy, looks like she had a great day! She's adorable!

Summer Blue said...

A belated Happy Birthday to the lovely Daisy. Looks like she had a FAB day and your cake was amazing...may just have to copy your idea for Beatrice in June when she turns 4.
Oh my Catherine, it seems like only yesterday we were getting used to Molly & Imogen starting school now Daisy and Beatrice are off too..........I wish we could just pause time a little while longer and enjoy them at home with us until we're ready to let them go....
Hope you've had a lovely weekend,
Jane. xx

JuicyFig said...

If you think the first 4 years have gone quickly, your head will spin when they get to 18!
It looks like you are cherishing every second though - happy birthday Daisy xxx


Scented Sweetpeas said...

aahh Happy Birthday little one. That cake is fab! I have to make a cake for tomorrow and am feeling the same as you - I think my last one was a fluke - eeek!

Melissa said...

my littlest monkey is about to turn 5- & she started big school almost a year ago now- ijust hope that she never grows out of timmy or sheep cakes... ilove it!
happy birthday daisy
melissa {& audrey- all 4 & 4/5ths of her- bless!}

Gina said...

Wow it looks fab!!


Hi, Love the Timmy cake and what a feast for the eyes in your Easter pics.
Lesley X