Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

My mothering Sunday started with 3 gorgeous cards, two handmade and one very carefully chosen.

Flowers and butterflies.
And not only one but two lots of beautiful Spring flowers. Thank you mini cupcakes x x x

And big cupcake treated me to a film, Marley and me. With my favourite actress Jennifer Aniston. (who big cupcake says i look ever so a little like) yer! i wish lol Thank you sweetie x x x
Now I was a very lucky mummy indeed because it was lambing weekend over at Hadlow college, so off we went. Just look at the gorgeous lambs awaiting there for us (not just us the 100 or more other people that went that too lol). This little girl was my favourite, isn't she sweet.

As you know our cupcakes are farming crazy and we will one day own our very own smalling holding, where we can grow veg, bring up lambs, have chickens and i can run my business and make it grow into something bigger. For ours and their future.
Miss Molly was so at home feeding the lambs and just got stuck in. (sorry to the little one in the red coat, you just wouldn't move lol) Molly's the one in the CK dress and dress cardie, oh how she's got taste hehe!
And here are Daisy and Jade, this little lamb thought that if he sucked on Jade's fingers long enough he'd find some milk in there lol i did have to pat Jade down to make sure she'd not popped the lamb under her coat, she was really taken with it.
It was truly a wonderful day for me, i was has happy as a pig in muck lol
Being there makes me feel even stronger about never eating lamb in my life again. I have only had it about 4 times and a couple of them wasn't through my own choice. I just didn't want to be rude after someones been to all that effort in cooking a Sunday roast for you. And inviting you there. (i didn't have the heart to say sorry i don't eat this).
But i hold my hand up and pledge NEVER to eat lamb again. They are beautiful and intelligent creatures.
And even after watching lambing live with the wonderful Jim and Kate Beavan, knowing how well looking after and cared for the lambs for meat produce are. And understanding they are not raising fields full of pets, but it's their lively hood. I found watching Jim explain how he felt about choosing the lambs that go to slaughter a very heart felt and honest answer. After all he's right they don't want for anything and have everything. He's helped bring them into the world, cared, fed and looked after them. And produced an excellent quality meat. I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. I'd never looked at it in this way before. But people that grow fruit and veg, like Mr cupcakes. Plant the seed, watch it grow in to seedlings, feed and water it and it grows into a prize tomato for eating or selling. That is how Jim sees his lambs. Giving them the best quality of life to produce the best quality meat. Simple really.
I wish all our meat and poultry was raised in the same free range and caring way. What a better place it would be.
Help support a couple of wonderful charities, just click the links Compassion in world farming and this wonderful couple who are working hard to preserve livestock and wildlife native to the highlands of Scotland. Caithness rare breeds

Look at this lovely little lady, i know i just couldn't even think of mint sauce. Could you?


topchelseagirl said...

The lambs are soo cute, absolutely gorgeous. Good on you for vowing not to eat them again. I've been veggie for 18 years now.

made with love said...

What a great day you had. Lovely handmade cards
Love Rachael

teawithonesugarplease said...

They know how to spoil you - I am giving you a beautiful blogger award - go check out my blog for more details. Have a beautiful day x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aah those cards are fab! The lambs are so so cute, we had a pet one for a while who was orphaned so I didn't eat lamb for ages and still very rarely eat it now. I just can't help but think of little Daisy bottle feeding when I eat it :-( We buy our meat from a local farm now so I know the animals are well looked after before they die.

Kissed by an Angel said...

What a lovley Mothers Day, beautiful cards and flowers!! Dear little lambs too!!!

VA Boutique said...

Aaahhh glad you had a lovely Mothers Day sweetie.
Bless, look at those little lambs, it certainly makes me glad I'm vegetarian to see the little cuties though.
Have a lovely weekend

Sue said...

What lovely cards and it looks like you had a great day out.

I too vowed a long time ago never to eat lamb, but I do see that some people want to (including my hubby) so as long as they have had the best possible life I don't mind. I always buy locally reared meat now from Farmers Markets.

Sue xx

Tracy x said...

thanks for the mention lovely lady x