Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Meet Memphis, she says Meaow!

Yes I couldn't resist the gorgeous items that Tracy over at cupcakes at home bought from they have a lovely esty shop and even nicer website. But like Tracy warned try not to fall in love with them all lol. I did want to get a cute bunny but wasn't so keen on the one left on there, so I'm going to wait until she makes some more. I did get a card with a bunny on. And I'm not going to give it to just anyone. My girls are having it in a frame for their room. I couldn't part with it lol silly me.

To my delight the adorable Memphis kitten is just as cute in the flesh (well wool hehe) as in the her photos. Megan and her hit it off straight away.
And where soon cuddled up together on the back of the sofa. Megan says "yes another female in the house to keep those males in check" wink wink!
Next it was the girls turn to play and Molly settled her down in a nice pink basket cover with some milk, cookies and her little mouse.
I think Molly just loves her as she's played with her all afternoon, taking her in and out of their little house and sitting watching telly with her on her lap.
I'm sure I'll get time to have a go later when she's in bed lol

But for now as you can all see Memphis is happy and content.

Go on treat yourselfs.

Have a good evening, I'm off for my coffee and when make some more Christmas stock. New photos to show you all soon.


Catherine x


saraeden said...

Memphis is very cute !!

Sara x

Unknown said...

look at those whiskers!!!!!

Ragged Roses said...

I love Memphis!
Kim x

pinkgreen said...

What a cute addition to the household!
Cathy X

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Oh so cute,just like the girls !!!!!
Hope the P/O strike does not affect your orders GgggRRRrrrrr !!!!!!
My dear late dad bought me a Bagpus that yawns,I wouldn't part with him for the world LOL!!!
I think most of us still love these little treats.
I wish you well with your xmas stock,I would love some red pags and string with snowmen on for my special cards.........
Hugs Kat xxxxx

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Red pegs ......silly me.......
Kat x

Rubyred said...

Memphis is so cute.Good luck with your Christmas orders,it's such a busy time isn't it but so exciting too!

Nonnie said...

Cute little Memphis Kitten! I love the picture in the cat basket with the milk and cookies. So sweet.