Thursday, 18 October 2007

That naughty Nigella Lawson!

Well i have to say that naughty Nigella has done it again lol After watching her program on Monday night, Ben and i turned to one another and said well shall we?

And this is what we made, one lot of that very yummy, very naughty donut French toast. Probably not the best thing to be eating at 9'o clock at night. But it was so yummy we couldn't resist. For all you Nigella lovers give it ago. It's in her new book Express a bargain at half price in Waterstones. All you need is some, bread, eggs, vanilla, caster sugar, strawberry jam if you've not got fresh strawberries to blend, a bit of butter and a splash of milk. And away you go. I'm going to make some this weekend for the little ones to try. Bet it goes down a treat.

Play time for the girls the other night, as they trap Daddy in their little house. I don't know how they all fitted in. I think it's on it's last legs, as you can see the roofs come off and it's lost it's two window shutters. Isn't it true what they say, give a child a present and they'll put it to one side and play with the box hehe!
This week we've had to start using the naughty box for Daisy, as she's being a little madam. Here she is doing one of her favourite tricks. Standing on the dinning table talking on my old phone. It looks so cute but it scares the hell out of me every time she does it. So no more!. She is put onto the naughty box for one minute, until she learns not to do it. I tried just putting her down onto the floor and she thought it was a great game lol So it's time to get tough. :( sorry sweetie, but you'll thank me for it later in life.
Does anyone else have the same troubles with their little ones? Does the naughty box, step or cushion work for you?
Oh i had to share this with you. My darling Ben came home with my very own copy of Apples for jam. I screamed with delight and hugged him. I was very happy to take the loaned copy back to the library, so someone else can now get it and fall head over heels in love with it.
i will be passing this onto my girls when they grow and leave home. But for now I'll just cook as many of the gorgeous recipes from it as possible.
Thank you Ben your a real sweetie to me. x I love my little treats x

Bye for now.

Hugs for the rest of the week.

Catherine x


Unknown said...

We have the naughty step, and Leo was on it this morning after pouring juice all over the floor. When I asked if he was going to do it again, he said YES!!!! Little monkey!!!
I am thinking the naughty box might be an idea...but put him in it with the lid on .... hahahahahaha! (evil mummy!)

saraeden said...

We have Kitty troubles at the moment , yesterday she took my very old and much loved pocket watch which was my Dads and broke the glass front so i was not a happy bunny ... we have a naughty step , ok we have two for when the twins fight lol .

Sara x

pinkgreen said...

We tried the naughty step for a while but struggled to keep Ruth on it, so now they are both older it is bedrooms for them until they can be civil and say sorry! To be fair Grace rarely need time out but Ruth benefits greatly (as do we all!).
Cathy XX

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

That Nigella toasty thingy looks lovely . I do love Nigella it is very nice that she eats her food and makes all these enjoyment sounds!.Like me & my banofee pie!

Ragged Roses said...

So glad you got your own copy of Apples for Jam! And as for Nigella, she's very naughty!!!! Love the things she makes, but they always make me so hungry! Good luck with the naughty step
Kim x

Unknown said...

I use the shed at the bottom of the garden - the one with the REALLY big spiders in it.

No, only joking - I threaten the small shed with the smaller spiders.

Actually, I'm really joking and will admit, at the risk of sounding smug (which I am really not, honest), I don't have to use a naughty step, box, cupboard, shed etc...

Fortunately my little munchie is very mellow and I rarely have any problems .... unless it's chocolate or biscuits she wants for breakfast !


The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Hi Honey,
My little MK never needs a naughty step,I think she will be hard work when she is a teenager instead !!! The boys have their moments but our main problem is whinging for things,usually unsuitable food for breakfast !!!! I always find putting on some upbeat music helps lift my kids mood tho'.
I am feeling better and actually managed a few hours upright today !!!!
I love Tessa Kiros and we have Falling Cloudberries,the recipes are wonderful.
Mollys face peeking through the letterbox made me smile.
I don't care if they are naughty sometimes,your girls are soooo gorgeous I bet you are quick to forgive them.
Hugs Kat xxxx

ginny said...

Hi Mollycupcakes,
The bottom step of the stairs is where my girls end up if it all gets too much. They are now 7 and 9... and if i say sit on the step they go without fuss .. they know they have pushed it too far.. it's a chill out/calm down time... it gives them a chance to think about what just happened.. Usually it's a minute for whatever age they are. It really doesn't happen lots as they are pretty good girls but it does work and also gives me a chance to cool down. Your girls are still small but i'm sure they understand, even though at that age it can be harder for you to do. Love the photo of them looking through the letterbox.. so sweet. Enjoy your new book.. what a lovely husband!