Monday, 15 October 2007

Yeay! my postman's back x

Thank goodness the postman's back. And look what dropped onto our mat this morning. This gorgeous little present for the girls grandma Celia.

Miss frog, we've named her. You can find her over at paper-and-string and lots more lovely items just like her. I'll be buying the cupcakes next, hoping Sarah will have some hanging ones for me. :)

I think the girls grandma will just love her, as she's frog mad lol

It's been a while since my last post, as normal I'm up to my eyes in it. And up most nights late painting hundreds of pegs, spoons and other items. I've just had the biggest order come in and what with the Christmas fair I have booked and stock for the library, this will be me for the next few weeks lol See photo below.

I am loving it. Everyday is a challenge to get items ready but I'm up for it and prepared. Isn't it amazing how things always come together. I enjoy working for myself and not having to answer to a big boss. I set the goals, tasks and deadlines. Leaving the rat race behind me was the best thing I could of ever done. Having more children and meeting Ben and now this little business of ours. I'm complete.

We had a nice weekend, even though the girls and now Ben have a cold, we still got out on Sunday. Ben had to work from home on Saturday. I went out down the town with just little Daisy. It was lovely to have a bit of just me and her time. She loved it and was so good. And Molly loved having her Daddy all to herself if only for a couple of hours. I think it did them good and showed them both how we share our love between them. And have no favourites.

So Sunday we got up nice and early and headed off for Lakeside. We didn't get any traffic and the shops where lovely and quiet. We got Molly's gorgeous pink boots, she photo above, some Peppa pig socks, a tube of Peppa pig figures for Daisy, some more stock to paint for me and this fabulous pink polka dot dust pan and brush. Just right for any domestic goddess. I had to laugh to myself as Ben went up and paid for it by himself. I just wondered what the cashier must of thought lol
Anyway as you can see the girls just love it and gave it a good test run and swept up the kitchen floor. Although Daisy just wanted to brush every ones hair with it lol the little monster.

Thank you Ben for buying it for us and keeping up my pink obsession. And putting up with it. You are the best. X

Today was lovely the girls got stuck into some drawing and gave me time to do my emails and sort out what needed posting. Now that we all can again.
Molly just loves to draw, I think she'll be giving us lots more beautiful pictures over the years to come.
And Daisy is following in her big sisters foot steps. I love the look on her little face, with her nummy on one side of her mouth. That's what we call her soother but sometimes it's hard to know if she's asking for Mummy not nummy lol and only she knows and gets cross if you get it wrong. Already she's showing us who's boss hehe.
Here are their master pieces, they now hang on the wall in the kitchen. I was so pleased when I typed in Peppa pig into the images page of google and found these. You just print them off and away they go. Just right for my two Peppa pig mad girlie's. It's all Daisy goes on about at the moment. Bless her she was over the moon when I let her get the tube of Mummy pig, Peppa and George from Mother care yesterday and hasn't put them down since. They have to go to bed in the little cot at the end of hers. lol The funny things we all do to keep them happy. And it's all worth it to see their little smiling faces. I just melt.
Later in the week I'll have a story about my oldest daugther who can work her magic on me and make me melt with that big smile and a please, just like the little ones do. I bet I'm not the only one who falls for that one!

I'll leave you all now with my new Christmas frame, she's called Noel and she's a cheeky little strawberry bird who's flown off with the baubles from my tree. Their is only one of her and she's for sale at £4.25 plus the P&P if any one's fallen for her charms, just drop me an email.

Night night to you all from this very sleepy head. Sweet dreams x


Catherine x


Tracy said...

hi Catherine
great news regarding the biggest order! I am exactly in the same boat as you my girls hardly see me during the run up to xmas busy busy busy.........

Country Cottage Chic said...

I loved reading about your weekend. The girls are just adorable. Congrats on your orders - well deserved!

tess said...

what a great weekend. I love the way the dustpan and brush have turned into a grat toy, although who wouldn't love the pink. Peppa pig artwork is fab too.

pinkgreen said...

Well done on your orders, and I am glad you are so content with your business. It is a great feeling working for yourself and being able to fit it in around children and life in general. I love Peppa Pig too, although my girls aren't keen anymore!
Cathy XX

Perfectly Lovely said...

Cathrine you are going to be so busy, great new getting that big order! Well done you, keep up the good work!
Jen xx

jessica daisy said...

Hi Catherine, glad to hear about the big order, I'm a bit snowed under at the moment too (up till 12 last night hand sewing silk curtains on the sofa!)
Glad you had a lovely weekend, we're all struggling with colds and coughs too. I love that dustpan pan and brush, so cute!

Ragged Roses said...

Congrats on the order, you're going to be busy! Love those pegs all lined up on your table, you must be seeing spots at the end of it! Hope you're having a good week
Kim x

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Hello Sweetheart,
Thanks for your concern over the last 2 weeks,I'm feeling very sick and in some pain too.
I am so pleased that you are getting some good orders,your things are delightful and worth every penny for the huge amount of work you put into them.
So happy to see the girls too.
We love Peppa Pig,I can't go into Next with MK she goes nuts,
Hugs Kat x

Unknown said...

Those Moo cards and the frog look rather familar!!!! (I have a monkey from Paper and String!)

Congrats on the orders! It's not surprising - your things are gorgeous