Friday, 16 May 2008

A lovely fair, some pretty find and a corner of our house.

On Thursday Mr Mollycupcakes had the day off work so we could all drive over the Decorative Living Fair in Eridge Park. It was featured in last months Period Living Mag and I really recommend going next year if you're in the area. The whole setting was beautiful.

Just have a look at that view, wow it took my breath away. And look at all that bunting I'd died and gone to heaven with all that hanging around. lol

There was lots of lovely stalls with handmade items and beautiful plants for sale. Inside the marquee behind Molly and I in the photo and in the house too. One of the rooms was full of Carloine Zoob items and I forgot to take my 10% voucher with me oh well there is always next time. Another room had a stall with lovely fabrics and buttons. And Daisy wasn't to keen on one of the rooms and got very scared of it. Saying No!, No! then we walked into it, very odd. She was fine once we'd gone through but we had to walk back to get out and once again she got scared holding on to me and snuggling into my neck. How strange, she must of felt something we couldn't. Spooky!

Back outside there was a beautiful herb and flower garden the girls enjoyed running around and around that. Smelling lavender, mint and other pretty flowers. There were lots of my favourites tulips, stocks, scabious and pansies. Even on a grey old day like that it all looked lovely.
We came away happy and after saying goodbye to the lambs and sheep (sorry I forgot to put those photos on). They where in the two fields leading up to the house and came right up to the car. The girls loved that and screamed with delight when they started bleating at their silly mum who thinks she can talk to the animals lol (yes that's me lol). Just call me Mrs Dolittle.
Here are the goodies I got. A lovely egg box which I've been after for a while and will have to paint, some pretty ribbon, Gabriella Miller tea towel and below a lovely strawberry plant. So we're hoping that in a few weeks time we're be able to show you our very own yummy strawberries. Fingers crossed, they will be our first go at growing our own fruit. We have to do it in a pot because there are so many other cats around as well as our own ones and our gardens the size of a shoe box. No real room for vegs and fruit :(
I'll keep you updated on it's growth.
I'll end with some nice finds from boot fairs and charity shops. Cute plate for 20p, fabulous Famous Five books 85p the lot, I'm reliving my childhood with them, my mum used to read them to me before bed. A classic Wuthering Heights, timeless. And at 10p I couldn't leave it behind.
Some wild flowers we collected on a walk around our local country park in a 50p cup and a lovely cake stand from good old Oxfam £1.50
Pretty plates and cup and saucer for only £2.00 and yes more Famous Five 10p each, it's rude not bring them home. Lastly another classic, Jane Austen's Emma. I hope our little girls will enjoy these books when they are old enough to read them. For now their older sister Jade will take pleasure in reading them along with me.

I hope you've all had a nice weekend even though the sun left us and it was a grey old time. I'll catch up with all of you over the week.
I'm off now to have another coffee, some flu medicine and another taped episode of Grey's Anatomy. Yes I'm sickie with the nasty cold/flu bug yuk! I don't normally get colds but this ones got a good hold of me with it's runny nose, cough, sore throat, headaches and aches and pains. God I hate being ill and have no time for it. And poor Ben hates seeing me like this and wants to just stay home and look after me. But I say "no honey you go to work it's fine" ( secretly between me and you, I'd love him to have the day off so I can just snuggle in bed). And get well. I know I'll get loads of TLC when he gets home and look forward to that, it's the best tonic. The love of my man and the smile on his face when he sees me.
I nearly forgot here's a corner of our kitchen, it's my favourite shelf with lots of pretty plates, cups and saucers on it, a hanging wooden heart garland and some metal chickens.
I hope you're all bug free and enjoying the start to the week.
Arms length hugs.
Catherine x


Sal said...

What a lovely visit and you found some great things too,on your travels! Sal;-)

Ragged Roses said...

Hope you're feeling better Catherine. M has been ill with a very similar thing and he has felt awful. Sounds like you had a great day out, I'd have loved to have gone along. Good luck with the strawberry plant, I bought one yesterday too. I love your charity shops finds, everything is so pretty

VA Boutique said...

Aahhh hunny bunny, poor you. Hope you feel better very very soon.
Sending magical healing over to you in a heart shaped bubble!

MMmmmmmm your day out seems ideal, wish I was there too, just the sort of day I love!
I love all your wonderful goodies, such bargains, you lucky thing.

Now get better soon you hear?
Lots of love
Alison x

tess said...

hope you feel better soon!

love the corner of your house, so pretty!

Kitty said...

Sorry to hear you're poorly-sick :-( Hope you feel much better soon.

Lovely pictures - and some great buys! Can't wait to see the egg box when you've done it up.


Rachel said...

I love those teacups and plates, my Nana had some similar, if not identical ones, so that was a real feeling of nostalgia for me!

Unknown said...

Lovely visit and lovely post !!!

Hiya - I've tagged you. If you'd like, pop over to my blog and take a look.

JuicyFig said...

Hope you are feeling better soon - I think the corner of your kitchen looks absolutly devine!


A home far away said...

It sounds like you had a great time and that you found some great things:-)


April said...

Hope you feel better soon

April xx

Just Original said...

You go on the nice days out!

My strawberries are very small compared to yours, I bet I only get 1 strawberry of each plant!

I hope your feeling better soon, I had the bug and it last for ages I can not seem to get rid of it(sorry)!

Take care

Vanessa x

Twiggy said...

Some lovely things there, great day out too, hope you're soon feeling better
Twiggy x

Mum Fowley said...

Good morning dear we are so proud of you and the success you have made of Mollycupcakes you work so hard at it and look after our grandchildren so well we know Ben is a great help and keeps you on track so well done from us both we love you lots
Mum and Dad xxxxx
Dads says thanks again for the lovely cards and money xxxxx