Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A Sunny Bank Holiday.

Firstly I have to say sorry for being a rubbish blogger of late, the days are just running into one another. But I have been checking in on everyone and leaving comments for you all. I've just been bad at not doing my own post.
This ones full to the brim with lots of lovely photos of our Bank Holiday weekend last week, so I hope you enjoy it all.

Here is Jade getting the girls ready for the off. The sun is shining and we're off to the seaside. Yeay! they all cried.

We thought somewhere different, so Margate was chosen. And what a nice day to visit. There was a music and arts festival on. Live music from these guys was our favourite, they were very good. I love to hear the violin played well. And they where fabulous at it.
Bless this busker he was funny and you can see Jade and Daisy popping a few coins in his case. Daisy didn't quite understand that you couldn't take out any change for what she'd put in lol
And who said that if you can play the guitar and harmonica you're a genius but add some cymbals and your a mad man lol He was very entertaining and not a mad man at all. And didn't get mad even when a flaming group of hip hop rubbish set up just a few feet from him, he just turned up his volume and carried on. Good on him we said, his music was a lot nicer than that horrible noise from that other lot. (I must be getting old hehe!).

Further down the road there was some dancing bananas, which the girls where scared of and so was Ben don't look at them he kept saying lol
And there was a few crafty stalls to look at.
Where we got chips from someone had made these lady figures out of shells. Aren't they pretty? You could buy them too. I over heard a lady telling her little girl she wanted one for their back garden and the little girls face was a funny site of "are you mad Mum"? hehe!
Daisy and Molly loved them and had a great time in running around them in circles, much to Ben's distress. He was scared they'd knock shells off them but they just enjoyed it even more once Daddy had said no! stop running around them. Poor Ben they do listen sometimes lol
Bellies full of yummy seaside chips we headed for the beach. On the way stopping to look at this art work on a wall. Daisy seemed to be fascinated by it. I think it was all the colours, it was very pretty. Aww an art critic already at such a young age.
There they go off to the sea for some paddling. While Ben and I have a sit and chat.
And then they're back again for some digging and cold drinks.
Then more digging. Well eating of the sand in Daisy's case, (oh I give up telling her not too lol). As she just looks and laughs then carries on. sigh!
We finished our seaside day with yummy ice-creams. Lovely!

The next day brought lots of fun and bouncing at the Kent County Fair. Tickets booked we hoped for a sunny, dry day and got one.

In one of the tents there was a rabbit show and one of the biggest bunnies I've ever seen. He was so soppy and soft. But I wouldn't fancy picking him up, would you? You'd put your back out or something.

You can imagine my delight when Ben spotted the sign that read "Hold a chicken" for 50p well we gave the little lad £1.50 because he was so sweet and told us all about his beloved chickens. And let all of us have a stroke.

Molly and Daisy would of stayed there all day given half a chance. And I'd of been right there with them. Bless him he was talking to her the whole time and feeding her too. She seemed a very happy chicken and I want one of these breeds now more than ever.

She's called a Lavender Pekin, she didn't have a name but if she was mine I'd call her bunty after my favourite thing bunting hehe!
Isn't she lovely. So soft and gentle. There was a photo above the girls one but silly me I've just deleted it when moving them closer together. But in it my face just says it all. I'm as happy as a pig in mud lol
In the chicken tent there was all sorts of other chickens for sale, oh I wish we could of bought the lot. Especially the little chicks aww so cute. One day my dream will come true. For now I have this fabulous day to remember. Did I say I loved the chickens lol
The rest if the day was just as nice and the girls enjoyed a fun ride with Daddy on this little train. I think Ben enjoyed it too ;)

There was lots going on to stop and watch, tractor and horse parades, dog trials, people going up in this ride that you wouldn't get me on in a millions years hehe! it was like a bungee jump in a metal cage, not nice and I wouldn't of paid £10 for it. Mad people!

Anyway after a yummy burger, sausage in a roll, some chips, homemade cakes and lots of free testers in the food and craft tent. And some more bouncing on a big yellow castle for the girls. Enough was enough and we set off home. All tuckered out but smiling of the fun day we'd all had. If your ever around for this fair I'd recommend it.
Our Monday was spent popping to a boot fair, a pub lunch and a look at the new shiny Cath Kidston shop in Tunbridge Wells. Ended by some car shopping (yes ours is on it's last legs but more about that another time).
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I won't leave it so long in between posts next time.
Big hugs everyone.
Back next week with news of this weekend and lots of lovely items from the postman and fairs we've been too.
I'm so glad the sun's shining, everything seems so happy.
Catherine x


Kitty said...

Awww, what a lovely weekend you had. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your gorgeous family. x

Just Original said...

The longest post in history, but I did manage to read it all. It looks like you had a great weekend and the weather behaved itself for you!

Car buying ahhhhhhhh! I don't envy you!

Pop back soon!

Vanessa x

Curlew Country said...

What a happy family you all are. I am a kindred spirit on the chicken front and pekin bantams would be my choice too. Bunty the Lavender Pekin is adorable! Looks like you had a smashing weekend, lucky you getting a squizz at the new CK shop. Good thing there isn't one around here really, don't think I could restrain myself!
Bless your girls, all so very sweet. How nice to have a big sister to take you paddling.
Enjoy a sunny week.

Ragged Roses said...

Catherine it sounds like a wonderful weekend. You certainly packed a lot in. Love the seashell creations and your girls are just so pretty! Take care

pink-petal-designs said...

How lovely, your days out are always so nice!
Sarah x

julia said...

Sounds like a great weekend, how do you manage to pack so much in?? We're such a lazy bunch here in comparison.
Julia x

Garden Girl said...

Hey sweetie, great photos, and looks like you all had a briliant weekend. You guys certainly know how to have a good weekend!

Twiggy said...

What a fantastic weekend and terrific photos. I think ice cream always tasted better with a bit of seaside sand in it :)
Twiggy x

VA Boutique said...

Aaahhh it looks like you had a fab weekend, loved all the cute photos.
Eeek, I know for a fact those bananas would have scared James and I too!!! Tee hee!
love Alison x

Anonymous said...

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