Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Sunny Saturday and oops! I forgot to put this one on a post before...

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to be out and about with my gorgeous fella and he spotted this fabulous place on a sign. Mummy heaven, vintage items coming out of my ears, cupcakes and bunting too. What more could a girl want lol
If you hop on over the Happy Loves Rosie she has some more lovely photos of it all scroll down too 10th of May and have a looksie. (but it's out little secret shhh!)
I've signed up to their new letter so hoping there will be another one very soon, I'll start saving the pennies now, there was so many things I wanted to get. I did come away with a vintage pillow case that I plan to sew a pretty fabric edge on. Photos when I'm done. x

Now on to sunny Saturday, there is something special about hanging the washing out on an old vintage wooden airier, this is my latest yummy find on Ebay and the funny thing is it came all the way from Oxfordshire I seem to be drawn to that area Cheltenham being my favourite place and I've made a lovely new friend from buying this so if you've time pop and have a look at Sam's Ebay page The Gates Ajar for lots more lovely vintage goodies. Thanks Sam for all the trouble you went to in posting me the gorgeous airier. You're a sweetie. And I'll pop the photos of the girls playing tents with it very soon. They had hours of fun and the cats had a look too lol

It was the perfect day to strip the girls beds too and get it all out on the line.

Here are the little ones having a nature lesson from big sister Jade, bugs, bees and butterflies. And snails, snails and more snail so many I've thought about collecting them and selling them for escargots, any offers? lol (sorry to any veggies).
I just don't want them eating all our yummy veg we're growing. Tips on getting rid humanely all welcome x

With the weather being so nice the girls got out the sandpit and turned our patio into their own private beach hehe!

I'm not the sort of mum that gets in a fuss over a little sandy mess and love to watch them express their creative sides. It can all get swept up after.

So it was a lovely sunny restful Saturday, nice not to have to rush around anywhere and just stay in and enjoy our home together.
I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.
Catherine x


VA Boutique said...

Oooohh a vintage clothes horse, lovely!
What a lovely day.
Love Alison x

Curlew Country said...

Gorgeous bed linen Catherine, very envious! I saw that fantastic sale on Happy Loves Rosie - lucky you! I am now insane with envy!
Have a lovely week.