Friday, 14 September 2007

Day trip to London.

We set off nice and early for the Top draw show in London. And I got the change to have a look in some shops along Kensington high Street. And that was a real treat for me as the last time I'd walked there was in 1997, so about ten years ago. Not that much had changed and the huge Marks and Spencer where my Mum used to work was still there. It was a little odd walking past the till she used to serve from. It put a lump in my throat as I went by. I used to go and meet her sometimes after work and if I got there a bit early, I'd get to see her working on the tills. Mum and Dad now live in Northern Ireland, so it's a little bit further than a train ride to London. I do miss them both lots but will be visiting them soon. For now I have very happy memories of them living in London and I hope these photos on this post makes them smile too.

After looking around the trade show and coming away with lots of Christmas ideas and leaflets, oh and a couple of photos of the Poppy Treffry stand. Thank you you lovely ladies, you where very sweet. I wanted to buy 1 of everything. But I'll have to wait and see.
We decided to walk back to the train station going through the parks, instead of bus or tube, so the girls could have some fun and run around. Here we are in Kensington Park. And Daisy's having a ride on her Daddies shoulders. She gets a better view from up there.

Here in Holland Park, the girls enjoyed a good run and chased lots of the birds, ie: swans, geese, pigeon's and ducks lol they had a great time.
And we even made a little friend. What a poser hehe! he was so close to us, Ben could of stroked him. I think he was just happy that Molly had given him a crisp. He's nibbling a prawn cocktail skip lol crazy squirral

Once through the park we made our way down the Mall and waved at the queen (oh course she waved back lol)

Nearly back at the station, I got Ben to take this photo of big Ben. The suns setting and there is a lovely colour to the sky. You can see how busy it is, everyone going about there business. It's so true this city never sleeps.
Safely on the train home, the girls where still going, full of excitement after a busy day for them. It was Daisy's first trip to London and I was very pleased with her. I think Molly just took it all in her stride and stayed very close and did what she was told when not in the buggy.

It was a lovely day and we where all slept very well that night.

Catherine x

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