Monday, 3 September 2007

Look what I got given, thankyou x

I have to start by saying a very big thank you to Sarah at Pink-petal-designs for awarding me with the nice matters award. It's lovely when you receive one of these, it put a big smile on my face for the whole day.

And now I have to pick 7 of my favourite blogs for this award too. But I can't so I'm going to be very naughty and pick 9. And if your not in this list it doesn't mean that I don't think your nice, you all are and I enjoy reading all your blogs. In some way or another you've all been very nice to me and I thank you all. Well here goes.

Kat from Kat in a flap, I feel we've become such good friends, it's like I've known you for years. And you help me when you listen and give advice. You always leave me feeling better. x

Tracy from Cupcakes at home, you've inspired me so much and you never forget to keep in touch no matter how busy you are. And I just love reading all your news about your new home and animals. x

Jennifer from Buttercup & roses, you always make me smile with your lovely emails and photos. I hope to have a pretty little shop like yours one day, you give me hope. Because you've achieved so much already. x

Kim from Ragged roses, thanks to you my book collection as grown and grown, your blog is just full of lovely recommended things to read, do and cook. x

Tracy from The leaping hare, I just love to read all about your lovely family and the fun things you get up to. x

Claire from Elfie & me, it's nice to meet a friend on here that's so close we can go out for a coffee and cake. And you make the cutest things. x

Sara from Allabouteden because you leave me the sweetest comments and you make such bright and pretty things, they just make me smile. x

Julia from Vintage Heaven, you make me stop and think about everything and even when your going through a rubbish time, you can alway see the positive. (Like the flood in your basement) Everyone thought argh! but you just said, "yeay! new flooring" lol this made me laugh. You always seem to look on the bright side of life. And it's catching. x

Alison from Vintage Amethyst, you always leave me nice comments and have tort me how to make the yummiest Victoria sponge, so my girlie's and man think your nice too. x

Thank you again Sarah for this award your a real sweetie. x

Now I have to ask all of you for a bit of help. In this photo Daisy is wearing a pink and white polka dot head band/scarf from Monsoon in the sale for only £1.20. It was Molly's and she has lost it when out on a shopping trip. I have phoned the shop she lost it in and no one has handed it in. So now after calling all the monsoons I can get to. And having no luck in finding a replacement one for her, I'm asking any of you if you can help? She loved wearing it and called herself a pirate in it. lol

If any of you can get one or if any of you could make one like it? please let me know. And we'll sort out payment. It had a wide top and elastic back. Bright pink and white polka dots all over.

If anyone can help, your make a little girl and her mum very happy.
Thank you x x x
This was how we spent our Sunday, here at the RSPB wildlife and country fair at Northward Hill. It was a lovely sunny day and not to hot. We got there nice and early. As we'd heard it can get very busy. Once in side, we looked at a few of the stalls on one side of the field and then made our way off to the pond dipping and mini beasts part.
I got stuck straight in with the net. Ben says my eyes just light up and he could see the 8 year old girl in me again. The same one that used to fish for stickleback fish and shrimps in the stream behind my Auntie and Uncle's bungalow at Dymchurch.

I must say I really did enjoy myself and was very proud of the girls for having a go too. Even if Daisy's having a go meant she was beating everything I'd court with a plastic spoon lol. And Molly just fished everything back out again. Especially one fish, that I had to rescue from it's sunbathing on the side of the container. lol Molly just said "oh poor fish" it was ok I plopped it back into the water.
And here's what we court, you can just see the 2 little fish. There was a couple of small snails, a larva of something and 2 boatmen swimming around which Ben fished out. (clever clogs hehe!)
It was great fun, I would of stayed there all day. But our tummies were rumbling and Ben had spied a yummy looking hot dog and burger BBQ on the way to the pond. And I'd seen some homemade coffee cake and iced cupcakes for the girls. So we said bye bye to our catch and made our way back to the fair.

On the way to the food stall we spotted this little cutie. Meet Ozzie the ferret. He was just a real sweetie and the girls loved him. They stroked his head and tickle his nose. He repaid them with a lick and sniff and a photo to remember him.

Here are the girls enjoying there cupcakes, I love the way children always eat the icing first. Daisy's saying "look mines all gone"

Our bellies full of yummy food, we looked round the rest of the stalls. I was pleased to find some pretty bunting. A bargain at only £2 and handmade by a lovely young lady. She also had gorgeous lavender hearts. But I was very good and only treated myself to the bunting. I did take one of her leaflets, but sadly she has no website. I'll pop her email on another post along with photos of the bunting.

Before we left we watched a couple of sheep being sheared, bless this one in the photo just sat there and let it happen lol another one got all cross and jumped about, silly thing got nicked and run off in a huff. And barred when it got back to the others. It was as if she was saying "I'm not using that barbers again"

We had a lovely time here and on the way out Ben said he'd drive me to the Detling antiques fair. So I was a very happy bunny. I picked up a couple of odd cup and saucers there and will post the pictures next time.
I hope everyone had a nice weekend too.
See you all soon.

Catherine x


The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Thankyou for the award Catherine,I feel like I have found a kindred spirit in you too,thankyou for the recipes and for finding the Maileg bunnies for me.I am going to phone our Monsson in Grimsby now to see if I can find a headbad for your little girl.
I'm sure that someone in blogland will come through for you.
Was that baby pic you then ???????
Kat xx

Ragged Roses said...

Thank you Catherine, that means a lot to me! How did you get on with The Lovely Bones - it's terrifying, sad and every mother's worse nightmare isn't it? Congrats on the award, you well and truly deserve it. I'll look in Monsoon in Brighton for you when I go in on Friday (Failing that, have you thought of making another from some fabric?)
Kim x

Perfectly Lovely said...

Thankyou for the award, you are such a sweetie, your lovely comments were so nice.
I will pop in to monsoon next time I go to town and have a look if they have any hairbands, make sure you let us know if anyone else finds one or you could end up with several of them!
looks as though you had another lovely family day out, I wish I lived nearer so I could tag along!!

Jennifer xx

ps, I have posted some pics of the bits from my shop you asked about, the photos are really rubbish though, so if you want better pics please do ask.x

pink-petal-designs said...

You deserve your award Catherine !!
Hope someone comes up with a headband for you, we dont have a monsoon here
Sarah x

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Hi Catherine,I rang Monsoon and they haven't got any and neither have Claires'.I will have a look in Asda and Tesco on Friday.
Thankyou so much for the frame it's gorgeous and will look great with a pic of the kids in it.
Hope you are ok and that Jade is settled back at school.
Best wishes Kat xx

Tracy said...

Hi Catherine thankyou for the award you have now answered my question about how many people to award.
Love your blog too so another will be coming your way from myself.