Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Fun at Drusillas.

Last Wednesday we took a trip to Drusillas Park. It's somewhere as a child I always wanted to go every summer. And I am pleased to say it that it is still just as lovely.
We had a bit of lunch first, using the picnic area next to the car park. I thought this was a great idea. You know what it's like with child as soon as you get in anywhere, they want food and drinks. It was nice to have lunch first and then enjoy the day. And this way we could treat our self's to a yummy ice-cream before we left for home.

There is a lovely petting farm where we found these gorgeous ladies. I wanted to bring them home, if only we had a bigger garden lol We'd have pigs, chicken and ducks. Maybe one day.
We did come home with these 2 little cuties, they just followed us around all day. Hehe! So I couldn't leave them behind and I thought "well they'll keep the grass short" lol
There was so many different monkey's to see. In this photo there is two can you spot them? Ones wearing a stripy top lol
And the other is being very rude and showing off his bum (look in the far right corner, cheeky monkey)
Here's Molly's favourite bunny, it's a priate bunny because of it's patch over one eye. What a real sweetie.
After we'd all seen every animal and stroked all the ones we could. We let the girls lose in the play area for some bouncing fun.
They've both been on my friends trampoline and couldn't wait to have a go on this one. The park have sunk it into the ground, so the girls where very safe and Ben and I could relax for a while.

Even our wriggle bum Daisy stayed on it and played. She is very good at bouncing around on her bum. lol and giggled every time stood up and then landed back on it.
We didn't ride on Thomas, due to it being very late in the day when we found him and I don't think Daisy would of sat down nicely for it. She's get up and go bubba and only likes sitting down for a short amount of time. lol I don't know where she gets it from? hehe!
Anyway I got this cute photo of Ben with Thomas. Molly didn't want to stand with him. She was scared that the train was going to move. I noticed that a couple of other children felt the same. Aren't they funny when they get something in their heads. Daisy wouldn't pose either, she was to busy with her ice-cream. I think Ben looks good and enjoyed sitting there really. ;)
I was so happy to turn the corner and find that the stocks were still there. My Mum has a photo of me and my Uncle Fred siting in these same stocks. Years ago, I'll ask her for a copy and how old I was.
Molly wouldn't put her feet through because she had to sit right on the edge of the bench and it scared her. So she stood and smiled instead. And that was good enough for me. x
If any of you have little ones or really any age, I recommend it for a lovely day out. Pop onto their link and have a look. www.drusillapark.co.uk
On the way out of the car park Ben turned to me and said so you fancy going to Brighton then? I squeaked with delight and off we set.
And here it is ladies the new gleaming Cath Kidston shop. Just opened. Sadly this is as far as I got to it. Our little Daisy had other ideas and was yelling for me, she hadn't had her normal nap and was all grumpy and only Mummy will do in these times. So I clicked a quick photo and said there will be another time. And there will be sooner than I though. My lovely Ben is taking us back to Brighton tomorrow, so yeay! I'll get to go in and maybe even buy a little something. And the girls and Ben can enjoy a yummy milkshake from that shop that can make you any flavour you want. I'm really looking forward to it and will take lots of pics.
I'll night night now as it's very late and I'm blogging from the laptop again. And the bed is calling to.
Sweet dream x

Catherine x


Tracy said...

Looks fab there, enjoy Brighton you lucky things.

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

I went to Drusilas as a child,my nan lived in Hampden Park,I so love Brighton,you lucky girl.
I do hope you can get into CK her stuff is lovely,happy thoughts of lovely times,
Best Wishes Kat xxxxx
P.S I want the whole story on what the shop AND the milkshakes were like !!!

Unknown said...

oooh, I want the CK sewing box - it's house shaped (very cool). I have left lots of hints for christmas (so fingers crossed!)
What a lovely sunny day too - it's cold here, and windy :(

pink-petal-designs said...

Your days out always look the best Catherine !!
Sarah x

Ragged Roses said...

We love Drusillas (well, when it's not packed!). Glad yuo enjoyed it too! You're entering dangerous territory if you go to the CK shop - it's sooo temptng ... I must admit I pop in every time I'm shopping but have succumbed to temptation far less than I thought I would (it is really expensive!). Hope you enjoy the day and the milkshake - they were offering chocolate hobnob flavour ones the other day!
Kim x

annie's abode said...

It looks like you all had a great time. I love the look of the little pink cottage - you can just imagine how you would decorate it!

I love the things on your website - the dotty bird house is great!

CK is great - did you manage to get in there.

Bye for now,


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

oooh! how fun!!