Saturday, 22 September 2007

Going, going, going, gone!

I baked, iced and we ate. Going,
Gone hehe!
Just like the cake my long curly hair has all gone, I had it all cut off on Friday and I'm very pleased with it. Now I just need to work on that flat belly and I'll be a happy bunny with myself. So I'm nearly there lol these things take time and my passion for cupcakes don't help me. It's the low fat ones for me from now on. And just a little treat every other day ;)
I have a few nice days out to tell you all about and lots of photos to show. I'll catch up on another post, this ones just a quickie.
And I want to say a big thank you to all of you that have left me comments and emails over the last couple of weeks. If I haven't got back to you yet please don't think I've forgotten you, I've just been very busy and we've all had a cold to deal with too.
Ben's back to work today after his two weeks off and the girls and I miss him already. And he's turned the sun off and it's raining here and all grey and dull :( I think winters well and truly on it's way. Oh well that means the big C word yeay! and my birthday too, so lots to look forward to. I have to just say I'm loving looking at all your beautiful Christmas stock, it brings a little sparkle and shine to my day. Thank you ladies x
Right coffee time, anyone want to join me?


Catherine x


pink-petal-designs said...

whooo i LOVE your new hair style !
Sarah x

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Hi Honey,
You look super,what a yummy mummy !!!!!!
Once you get used to it you'll feel so much more liberated.
I made some cup cakes called Wandering Minstrels !!!!
They are a middle ages recipe with cherrys,walnuts and cinnamon.
$oz flour,4oz caster sugar,4oz butter,2 eggs,3oz chopped glace cherries,1oz chopped walnuts 2 rounded tsp cinnamon.Mix together put in 12 cases on a cupcake tray gas 4 20 mins middle shelf,yummy,especially whilst warm.
Hope Ben likes the new look,Andy prefers my hair long,
I love the colour too very expensive looking.
You look like you have been with Trinny and Susannah.
Hope the girls are well,we got rain too,I'm fed up already !!!!!
Luv Kat xx

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Should be 4 oz flour !!!!MK bang ing on keyboard too !!!!
Kat xx

Tracy x said...

i will stay for coffee if you have baked some of your wonderful cupcakes!
love the new you - very trendy.
also want to send you HUGE hugs and thanks for your VERY kind and supportive words over the last few weeks xxxx
just wish i had been able to spend more time with you when i lived closer!
anyhoo - give the girls a hug from me
tracy x

VA Boutique said...

Oooohhh loving your new 'do'!
Mmmmm that cake looks deeee-licious!
love Alison x