Monday, 30 June 2008

The big bang!

Picture this I was sitting happy reading out in the garden and for once there was only the noise of school children playing in the distance and the sound of Molly and Daisy playing a shopping and baking game in the living room. Awww lovely I though to myself as I sipped some more of my 3rd coffee of the day.

Then all of a sudden the loveliness was broken by the sound of a loud thump and then screams from Daisy. Rushing into the living room I was faced with this sight.

Daisy had grown an egg on her little forehead just above her right eye. You can imagine my horror at the size of it (photo taken once it had gone down a lot). At it's biggest it must of been the size of a large egg and all purple in the middle too.
But after some much needed cuddling, kissing and singing (ok and a sweetie lol) She was calm enough to sit with Molly on the sofa while I checkout what to do on line. Now I knew what to do when this happened at the after school club I used to work at but when it's you're own little flower, I wanted to be doubly safe. So far I'd done everything right, now she needed a cold pack on it. And it had to be a pretty looking one, so a Cath Kidston red polka dot tissue, sandwich bag and frozen peas and hey pres toe girlie cold pack was given the thumbs up all round lol

20 minute's later and with some help from trainee nurse Molly and two spoonfuls of good old Calpol. Daisy was looking and feeling a lot better and running around again. Big sigh of relief from Mummy cupcakes.
I'm still not to sure what happened exactly but they both said it was the living room doors fault and she gave it a good smack and telling off lol
So I think she must of ran into the edge of it, how I just don't know and think I never will.
The good thing is that she is back to her happy, bouncy self and just has a tiny bruise to show she's been in the wars. I'm sure this won't be her last bump and bruise as she's always first to climb up on things and rush around at 60 miles an hour. We think she should of been a boy lol
I can just see her now in years to come making mud pies and playing with cars. Just like I was a little tom boy, grubby face and bruised knees hehe! We wouldn't have her any other way.
Big kiss little one (now calm down).
Catherine x


Country Cottage Chic said...

Poor baby! Hope her "egg" disappears very soon.

Things Hand Made said...

Poor things, my children seem to always have a bump on the head a nd a bruise on the knee. Well done for a stylish "bump" pack!

Kitty said...

Oh my word! Poor thing :-(

A nurse once told me that if an 'egg' comes up it's the healthiest sign, and I've never forgotten that. Kid's heads - they're always whacking them aren't they? It's a wonder they don't know their heads off sometimes!


Anonymous said...

oh poor daisy. hope she is much better hun. well done nurse molly. Kitty had accident last week, went diving out of the patio doors, bruised cheek, but she tried to do it again, little monkey.

Garden Girl said...

God Catherine, they are so blimmin cute, those daughters of yours! (not forgetting big sister, of course!) glad she's on the mend and that the door has been given a good talking to!x

Tracy said...

poor little thing good to see big sister nursing her better.Bless her heart xxxx

Leisa said...

Ouch. So glad it didn't split open! Isn't is amazing how quickly they bounce back - I'm sure if I had an egg on my head like that I'd be down for a week!!

April said...

Hopoe daisy feels better soon, those "egg bruises" always look so scary. C did one at school a few months ago and Mummy needed reassurance and took her to A&E where they made a fuss of her and she was fine.

April xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

I remember those days. I remember our son hiting his head on the side of the step and me and dh running him down too the doctors office to get him stitched up. He still has the scar 24 years later!! He's an accountant now, so the bump on his head didn't do him any harm...LOL

Love your children's names by the way :0)

Claire said...

Poor Daisy, I know only too well about eggs on foreheads....Louie my middle boy is very very accident prone and its always his head which comes off worse! I'm surprised but thankful he hasnt given himself a fractured skull the amount of times he's banged his head. We joke that we have a chair at A and E !! Its amazing how resilient children are though! Claire xx

saraeden said...

Poor little Daisy hope shes feeling better !!

Sara x

Unknown said...

wow - that is quite an egg!

Curlew Country said...

Oh the little peach! Arch soemtimes sports one of these and lasonil is the most brilliant stuff to pop on. My little chap won't let me put the ice pack on but a quick smear of this does the trick with much less fuss. Hope she's ok.

Good luck with the eiderdown hunt, can you bag me one too please! I got lucky on ebay twice -£40 ea- but one leaks feathers like a moulting duck!