Thursday, 26 June 2008

Capturing the castle.

A few Saturday's ago we all drove off to Bodiam Castle near Hawkhurst. We'd driven past it lots of times and never had time to stop. So being the day before Father's day I though it would be nice to make a weekend of Daddy treats and go places he's wanted to go for a while.

So after a quick photo or two, it was off to the castle cafe for a point of lunch. And to fill our bellies ready for the adventure ahead. Climbing towers and fighting off knights and dragons lol

We ate outside because it was a lovely sunny day and where joined by lots of these little cuties. She was so friendly that I could feed her by hand. There was a tiny blue tit hopping around but it won't stay still long enough to get any photos. But as you can see this little Miss Sparrow was a real poser. "I'll take my payment in crumbs please" lol
Daisy made us all laugh when she dropped a piece of her bread roll and it was carried off by a group of sparrows and she cried and shouted "you naughty pigeons" lol bless her.
Once we'd left the cafe Daisy wasn't taking anymore chances of losing her bread roll and held on to it tight so no more birdies could get it.

Knight Ben stopping for a photo moment. Before returning to his princess Mollycupcakes who awaits him in the castle lol
This way Daddy stop posing!
Quack! "tickets please" if you've not got one then you're not coming in hehe!

Once across the draw bridge, we started to climb the stairs for the first tower, which was not as easy as it looks. We got so far and I had to come down with Daisy as she is a wriggler and trying to climb spiral stairs up was hard enough without having an octopus in my arms. Ben had ago but got all dizzy bless him. Safely back on ground he waited while myself, Jade and Molly went on up.
The view was amazing. Even the ducks came up to have a look lol (that's the little dot on the turret). Click and have a look lol

We explored and came back down so I could play with Molly and Daisy and Ben could go back up with Jade and have a look for himself. I'm not the best with highs so was happy with my feet firmly on the ground lol Hello up there!
It was a lovely day and we all enjoyed ourselves. So much so that Ben has now joined us to the National Trust for a year. Watch this space for more fabulous castles, houses, gardens and parks.
On father's day we all packed up the car ready to spend the day at Whitstable but it didn't go to plan, as the car had a small fault on it as we set off and we turned back around and came home. Ben had to drop the car off at the garage and make his way back. So I took the girls off again on the train and we ate more chips on the beach and enjoyed the sun.
Poor Daddy Ben missing out on all the fun but he didn't seem to mind as we'd had a fabulous time the day before.
These things just happen when you don't want them too, that's life is what Ben said. It's lovely knowing he wasn't cross and the car was all fixed the next day. Heyho there is always next year.
So I'll be planning extra treats for him to make up for it.
Catherine x


driftwood said...

looks like a fantastic day out, we have national trust membership and it's great to find some where to take the kids - and they usually have nice tea shops too!

VA Boutique said...

That castle looks amazing!
What a fun sunshine day you had.

See you when I get back from my hola hunny bun!
Love Alison

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Hi catherine,
Bodiam castle is so lovely , oh to be a princess!maybe not I would like to keep my head!
yes car things always pop up when you least want them or can afford them

Indigo Blue said...

Found you via April, you had lovely weather for your day out. Your children are lovely!! The blog banner is so scrummy! Did you make the cakes in the photo? The castle looks very familiar I am sure that I have visited Bodium Castle will need to check with hubby, the memory is not always good. XX

Garden Girl said...

You have such a lovely family, Catherine. Its always a pleasure to see all of your happy smile filled photos!
The castle looks fabulous fun.x