Sunday, 15 June 2008


Happy father's day to our Daddy.

Feeling safe and cosy in your arms as babies to big feeling safe and snuggled in your arms as toddlers. We love you Daddy, you're the best.

A father is a friend to play with, relish and rejoice in. He'll bring smiles on your darkest of days.

Thank you Daddy for all the love, cuddles, fun, happiness, magic kisses and big smiles you bring.
Have a great day.
Happy father's day to all Dad's everywhere and especially mine love you lots X
Catherine x


VA Boutique said...

Aahhh how cute, I hope Ben has a wonderful fathers day.
Love Alison x

pink-petal-designs said...

Cute pics !!

Just Between Us Girls said...

Now that is one beautiful family.
Great photos. Enjoyed reading your blog. Love the name.
Have a remarkable week with that fine family of yours.

Curlew Country said...

What a happy family, lovely pictures Catherine. What a nice chap your Ben sounds. Hope he had a lovely day - bet he was spoiled rotten and it soudns like he deserves it.