Wednesday, 4 June 2008

One Year Old Today x

Happy 1st blogging year to me!
Wow has it really been one whole year already? And it's Happy 2 years birthday for Mollycupcakes too.
So I'm celebrating with a yummy cake.
I'd like to thank each and everyone of you that read my ramblings and come back again and again. I have made some fabulous friends on here and learnt so much, it's so nice to have the support and care of you all. Just knowing you're there to listen means so very much. Big kiss X
And those of you that I'm lucky enough to meet in person and knew already on here before blogging, I'm so pleased that we can keep in contact via this wonderful blog world, it's like we're only next door to one another even though we're miles apart (you know who you are!).

Please keep leaving your kind comments and emails, I do read all of them and will get back to you as soon as they come in.
I love reading all your gorgeous blogs, commenting and looking into the windows of your lovely crafty and interesting lives. Although I do lose a few hours each day because I have so many favourites to read lol but it's a great excuse for a long coffee break in between painting pegs and now sewing cupcakes together. hehe!

Right now on to some fun stuff, as tradition goes in blog land we all celebrate such posts with a giveaway and I'm going to to do just that.
And these 2 little cupcakes below will be pulling the winner out of something (not sure what just yet lol).
I'll get some goodies together for the prize and photo them tomorrow.
Ok now for the question, (just for fun). Whats your favourite flavour cupcake frosting/icing?
Mines chocolate or coconut.

I'll get the girls to do the draw next Wednesday, so leave your comment and answer on any of the posts between now and then. Good luck.


Catherine x


pinkgreen said...

Happy blogging birthday!! I love lemon icing on my cupcakes, but the girls don't like it so I usually end up with pink icing and sparkly bits!
Cathy X

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Catherine, we share the same birthday, well almost, its my blog birthday tomorrow.
Happy blog birthday to you. I love just the plain and simple white icing cakes with the sprinkles on top :)
Sarah x
ps, just been catching up on you, lovley pics as usual.

driftwood said...

I like lemon icing, but as the children usually choose we're a chocolate frosting house.

Sal said...

A very Happy Birthday!!
I've only been going 6 months yet I've met so many fab people in that short space of time.
Hope your girls enjoyed your special day with you ;-) Sal

Rachel said...

Happy blog birthday! I do so love a cupcake and I think I would also have to go for lemon icing (with chocolate a close 2nd!)

Bluebell said...

Happy Blog Birthday.I bought some of your lovely spotty kitchen ware at Christmas and everyone was delighted.I am a lurker on your blog this is the first time I have posted!
Favourite icing on cupcakes is coffee butter icing yummmy!

Bluebell said...

Happy Blog Birthday.I bought some of your lovely spotty kitchen ware at Christmas and everyone was delighted.I am a lurker on your blog this is the first time I have posted!
Favourite icing on cupcakes is coffee butter icing yummmy!

April said...

Happy Blog-day!

I love your stuff and even managed to persuade my sis to buy me some of your pegs, a pink egg cup and a wooden spoon for my birthday back in April!!

Favourite icing would be lemon or chocolate but there is a time and place for plain white icing as well!

April xx

Garden Girl said...

Happy Birthday lovely girl!! Your photo of all of your lovely pastely spotty things lined up is lovely!
My favourite flavour would have to be lemon, I think, closely followed by chocolate. Yum. Hope you've treated yourself to a nice big slice of cake to celebrate!x
Oops- have just read Driftwood and Rachels comments after typing mine! How odd! Obviously there isn't enough lemon icing in the world...x

Just Original said...

Happy blogging birthday!

I have to say unfortunately I don't eat many cupcakes, but when I do my favourite icing is vanilla when I can get it.

Vanessa x

jessica daisy said...

Happy bloggy birthday!
I can't believe how quickly it's gone, it's mine next week too!
All your polka dot bits look lovely grouped together.
I quite like lemon icing, but I think my favourite, that brings back childhood memories is what my grandmother used to make for us when we went all went for tea - white icing dipped into dessicated coconut!

Claire said...

What a yummy post. Happy Birthday blog to you. My favourite cupcake topping would be Banana and tofee, I got it from a recipie book called CUPCAKES, no doubt you probably got the book too....Claire x

VA Boutique said...

Ahhh Happy Blog Birthday hunny bun.
How fab and 2 years with Mollycupcakes too, congratulations!
Well after making James birthday cake last month I am going to have to say my new fav is carob and chocolate ~ oooooh it was soooo yummy!!!!
Congratulations again sweetie.
Alison x

JuicyFig said...

Happy Birthday blog!

I love lemony, cinamon, nutty frosting on carrot or nut or chocolate or....who am I kidding? if has the name cake attatched to it, I like it!


jennyflowerblue said...

Just found you! Lovely to see someone else crafting in Kent at last. I'm a fan of lemon wih those lemon and orange jelly sweets on top. Really though I love buttercream most of all so love when cakes come out with pointy heads I can chop off to make into butterflies!

Twiggy said...

Happy birthday !! I love chocolate or lemon - yummy !
Twiggy x

karen said...

Just taking a peek at your lovely blog. I found you via sarah at pink petal designs

As for the icing well it's got to be vanilla. My little one's to young to know any different at the moment so I always get my choice lol.

Oh and happy bloggy birthday

Kathy said...

Happy Blogging Day! I think It would have to be chocolate frosting for me or, some lovely clotted cream with a bit of treacle and some gorgeous fresh strawberries/raspberries finished off with a light dusting of icing sugar. Never tried this topping but doesn't it sound nice! Kathyx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Hmmmm...hard question.....I like cream cheese & lemon icing - like on carrot cake.....or chocolate fudge icing...or....

Happy 1st birthday too!

Things Hand Made said...

Has to be lemon icicng for me. Thanks to you aswell for letting us peek in!

Nonnie said...

Sorry I'm late dropping by to say Happy Bloggiversary Catherine!