Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I just had to have it!

Set off early this morning for a very quick trip to Hempstead Vally. Jumped on the bus at the bottom of the road, (very handy). Needed to get a M&S voucher for my cousin's birthday. While I was there we popped into BHS, who where having a 20% day for card holders, but as I don't have one of these and don't intend on getting one.(I don't like store cards) I just headed for the big signs that said the word SALE. And look what I found? this gorgeous little milk jug with the sweetest strawberries on it.
Unlike the other jugs in my tiny collection, this one will be used. So that will make Ben happy lol It's just right for putting cream in and I have to have cream in my coffee. (just a little bit though, honest) ;)

I also picked up this baby pink coffee cafeteria as the one I already have is rubbish and the lid doesn't fit it properly. And what a bargain at £5. Looks good with the other pink items in the kitchen and the coffee tastes great from it. Now all I need to get is a coffee cosy to keep it warm. I do like the Poppy Treffry range but cant find them cheap enough anywhere. To expensive for me at the moment. If anyone knows where I can get one at a good bargain price? Please let me know. x
Shopping done we made our way home again, just in time too, before the rain came.
Here's Daisy enjoying some warm milk with me. She's all worn out after the bus ride home. What a little monkey she was, she just wanted to bounce up and down, push the button to stop the bus and look out the window. And not sit on my lap at all, poor Molly got bounced and stood on. And Daisy just laughed that naughty laugh she does lol. Thank goodness it was only a 15 minute journey. Any longer and I think mine, Molly's and the other old dears on the buses nerves would of been in pieces.
Good girl Molly for helping mummy with that wriggly Daisy. x
I really must learn to drive!

This was so funny, I court her eating the arm of the chair, she must still be hungry lol my poor chair.
After a quick change of clothes and freshen up she's all sleepy and looks like an angel. And is dreaming of fluffy pink bunnies and cupcakes. Little sweetie.
While Daisy sleeps, I grab another coffee and spend sometime with Molly. We'll have a cuddle on the sofa and watch Deal Or No Deal. She loves that. lol

Have a good evening with your families x

Catherine x


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Love the little strawberry jug- and your blog is lovely,I'll be back to visit again!

Tracy said...

I will have to take a trip to Marks I think any excuse to shop!

Rubyred said...

Your little strawberry jug is so sweet! I love it!

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

I love this little jug and it would look great with the juicer you made for your friends wedding.
Gorgeous stuff.