Friday, 8 June 2007

So pleased with the day, got loads done.

Yeay! at last all of these lovely mini childrens dust pans and brushes came today. And I cant wait to paint them and add them to my website. I'll also take them to the fair in July. And hope that other mums will love them as much as I do.

Big thanks to Susie x for getting them for me. Her website is just gorgeous, full of traditional, natural and organic toys & accessories. Well worth a look

After I'd unpacked the goodies and sorted them into a cute little basket, I went muffin and cupcake mad. Baked up a batch of yummy lemon ice drizzle ones, hmm! the feel was scrummy.

Would you like one? Their low fat honest! lol

They wont last long in this house, not with the girls, myself and Ben.

Did I say Im cupcake crazy, I seem to be drawn to them like a magnet. lol I guess Im very easy to buy for when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. If it's pink and has a cupcake on it, Im as happy as a piggy in muck lol Any picutres or designs with cupcakes on, are very welcome. Im always on the look out for new things.

Say bye bye Bunny, she's off back home on Sunday with my oldest daugther. We've looked after her while she's on holiday.

It's been lovely to have her and I will miss her.

But it wont be long before she's back with us, I dont think the cats will miss her though lol. All she does is chase them round and round the garden, what a funny sight lol

It's the bunnies way of making up for my Molly chasing her all day. The bunny gets her own back by chasing the cats.

See you soon Daisy Bunny x

Molly knows she's going soon and her bunny Buttercup is giving her extra love and kisses to ease the pain. Bless!

That bunny is the best thing we ever got her, was a extra Christmas present last year. And she takes her everwhere.

We went off to Dymchurch last weekend and bunny came to. She had to have a paddle, collect pebbles and eat fish and chips. lol Poor thing she needs a wash now. That will have to be done when Molly's fast asleep and popped back all clean and fresh in the morning. Molly will never know lol shhhh!

Big kiss Bunny Buttercup X

Well I'll say goodbye for now, this blog was from yesterday and I've only just been able to finish it, the joys of motherhood. Theres never enough time in the day.

x Catherine

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Ragged Roses said...

Hello just popped over for my first visit - I love cupcakes too, particularly lemon drizzle!!!
Kim x