Sunday, 10 June 2007

Today was just bliss!

When I got up this morning and looked out of the window, I thought to myself oh no it's gonna be a dull day. But by 10am it was lovely and sunny. So our plans where to pop to the farmers market get some yummy food and then have a picnic here in this beautiful Kent field.

Buttercup Bunny came too!

Our Molly hugged her very tightly, just incase she hopped back off home to her bunny freinds lol

She fed her egg sandwiches and choclate cookies. Then made sure she had her sun cream on. Poor bunny, all she wants to do is hop around. But her little mum knows best. lol

Molly and bunny head off for a bit of exercise after lunch. And run down the hill, hand in hand. Bless! I love to see her so happy. Nothing more than a cuddly bunny, fresh air, beautiful field, mum, dad, big and little sis, oh and chocolate cookies to keep her going. And happy for hours.

We stayed for ages, just eatting, talking, taking photos and playing. What bliss, just wish everyday could be as nice as this. The weather was just right, warm sun and cool breeze. Arrr! lovely.

After lunch we went for a walk and picked these lovely Daises, dont they look gorgeous in my vintage cream jug. We had some like these growing in the garden but they've gone off now, and I've had to cut them back.

I got a lovely plant at the farmers market, will pop a picture of it in tomorrows post. It's a Nemesia 'confetti' beautiful little pink flowers and they smell like vanilla yum!

I just hope the Bunny doesnt like the taste of them, did I say she's staying with us now until after summer. Well yes we have her for a while longer and I think my little Molly is very pleased.

I dont mind her staying she's no bother, well apart from when it's time to go back in her hutch lol Why do bunnies just give you the run around and then just go in all on their own lol Good exercise though, work off some of those naughty cupcakes I made.

It's been nice posting about my day, as made it last a little longer. I hope all of you had a lovely time too.

Take care for now.

x Catherine

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