Thursday, 7 June 2007

Other one of those days just not enough time for everything.

These is two of my silly cats, Megan and Dougal. They love each other and like nothing more than snuggling up together in the bunnies hutch.
"Yes I know you two, more photos being taken of you." Is no where safe lol

My poor little flower Daisy, she had some more jabs today at the doctors. She was not a happy bunny, I can tell you.
But soon forgot all about it after some nice lunch and a chocolate or 2 or 4 lol
What a mess oh well nothing that a couple of wipes wont clean.

Molly says I'll fill your shoes mum while your busy. I could'nt watch as she wobbled around the room on those, just thought any minute she's gonna fall. But she didnt, I was amazed by how well she catwalked in them. Up and down the floor like a little model. Cute chick! Made these the other day and just love them, got them both photoed and ready for the website.

My mum saw them and bought a set. It was the green. She lives in Ireland and green is her most fav colour. lol Anything green I paint she wants it. Bless

Thanks mum for all your support x And happy birthday dad for yesterday. The grand old age of 75 wow

So best get on, it's shopping night tonight, yeay! my partner says as he gets out his switch card again lol

Must get a couple of father day cards, why does everything come all at once. It's all buy buy buy.

moan moan! lol I'll be better tomorrow, all shopped out.

x Catherine

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Tracy x said...

hello you!!
had no idea you listened to my ramblings - nice to have you over here in blog land x
those girls - too cute, and lovely to see your cats.
hope to see you all soon
Tracy x