Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Todays been nice, a good day.

Well that Wednesday feeling, funny old day of the week. Kept myself and the girls busy today.
Sorted out some new stockists. And posted some more orders. Pleased with myself :)
These are some of my fav items from this gorgeous Designer Check them out. It's all hand made and just devine. I picked up one of their brochures at the Pulse show in London. I just want one of everything they do. lol Naughty I know! but Im a girl and cant help myself. You all know what it's like.

This tea cosie is just the cutest. They have loads of other designs some with cupcakes on. My favourite thing in the whole world. They are my biggest sin lol

And can you imagine Sunday morning breakfast in bed, served with this adorable little cosie ontop of your egg. yummy!

Todays been nice, went for a walk along the river with my little girls. Popped into the libary looking for vintage and shabby chic books. Ordered 3 so it was a good visit.

Sat and watched my 2 year old chase the pigeons lol very funny. She got very cross that she could'nt catch one and hold it.

Treated her and my other little one to a naughty pink icing cake yum! That made it all better and she soon forgot why she was cross.

Had time to list somemore of my painted items on Ebay, lets hope they sell! It's hit and miss on there. You never know if anything will sell. Well fingers crossed, this time.
Wish me luck. x

Best get on I've lots to do today. Stock to sort and new items to make, people to email and
2 beautiful little girls to keep happy :) And a dinner to cook before the old man gets in from work.

Bye for now.

Take care x

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Old man, the cheek!